Aim is Game (AiG), this project was kick-started by Peter & Jonathan with the idea of the future gaming industry. This project is solely based on love, vengeance & compassion.

Love for the gaming community, the game itself. The gateway to the virtual world. Who wouldn’t love this! Vengeance for all the problems we face throughout the years while & on gaming but didn’t find a proper solution in a single place; which we’re going to eradicate through this Aim is Game project. Compassion for our fellow gamers. Who, after a long day living against all the odds makes a little time for self-development, to relax their nerves through gaming. For one, who’s gaming all day long, exploring different verses, learning & gathering experiences.

Aim is Game is all about the Game, Gamer & Gaming Industry. Take care & have a blast on your gaming experience.

Meet the team – Aim is game

Peter K. Bellenir

Co-Founder & Chief Editor of Aim is Game

I, Peter have been writing for AiG since its inauguration, started my career first as a freelancer and presently as a group of creative people. I additionally appeared on various other projects of my own. Before freelancing, I spent a maximum of excessive school and all of the university while completing my Bachelor Degree of Computer Science & Engineering writing at small gaming websites that failed to recognize my talent.

I’m very pleased to have a real process now. I, Peter K. Bellenir is a beat creator following the ultra-modern and greatest shooters and the groups that play them. I also write popular news, evaluations, features, the occasional guide, and bad jokes in Slack, Discord & Telegram Channel.

Peter K. Bellenir
Jonathan R. Nafsu

Jonathan R. Nafsu

Co-Founder & Chief Content Writer of Aim is Game

The first game I played vaguely remember is the Snake game on Nokia handset, Space Impact & Bounce then the NEX games, Console games, PC games over the years. In recent times, and when no longer writing articles for AiG, most of my spare time is going into MMOs—even though I’m pretty a fan of RPGs too.

Single-player games are also part of my daily routine. I, Nafsu have been writing about video games approximately for several years and, before joining AiG, freelanced for the likes of several other renowned companies & completed my Graduation in Computer Science & Engineering. Certainly, one of my fondest hopes is to sooner or later play via the finishing of final delusion X without breaking down into a sobbing heap. I likely have more Magma Hyaena in Jötunheimr than you.

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