Do You Need a Stand for a Racing Wheel? [Quick Tips]

Is a racing wheel stand necessary when playing games? This is a question You, I, and a lot of gamers asked at least once in our lifetime.

When playing a racing game or simulator, having a steering wheel (and pedal boxes) really adds to the experience. They do, of course! They had better be good for the price they’re asking! However, if you spend the money for one, you’ll need a place to attach it to to make use of it. You can indeed buy anything off the shelf, but it could not perform as well, stand up to abuse, or look well in your living room, and you can wind up paying as much as you did on your racing wheel.

What, therefore, are the advantages of using a racing wheel stand? Realistic and immersive racing may be achieved with the help of a wheel stand. The cockpit layout will be much like that of a genuine racer. Clamping the wheel to a desk won’t keep it from moving.

To play racing games on my XBOX ONE, I purchased a Logitech G920 wheel and immediately began constructing a stand for it. This Instructable details the steps necessary to build a wheel stand tailored to the Logitech G920, however, it should be easy to modify for use with other wheels/pedal boxes.

How to Pick a Wheel Support for Your Racing Machine

do you need a stand for a racing wheel

The adaptability of wheel stands toward a wide range of racing equipment is a quality I like. Manufacturers of racing wheel stands recognize the breadth of the market and the variety of components racers will employ to create their custom setup.

As a result, their racing wheel stands to accommodate a wide range of wheels, pedals, and stick shifters.

Of course, WheelStandPro creates custom stands for each of the big racing manufacturers, and other stands are brand-specific as well. You may select a mount based on the make of your racing wheel, as they provide mounts compatible with ThrustMaster, Fanatec, Logitech, and many more.

To be sure, study the product specs to see whether there is any wiggle room in the specialty. As an example, the Porsche GT2/GT3 wheels, as well as Logitech goods, are all suitable for use with the Wheel Stand Pro for ThrustMaster.

There is no need to worry about compatibility issues or spending unnecessary money on stands and wheels that don’t work with your equipment since there is always a suitable alternative. You may choose between a universal wheel stand and one that is designed exclusively for your vehicle.

I’m Looking for a Wheel Stand, What Options do I have?

As I was saying before, the fact that so many companies produce wheel stands for racing simulators means that you can probably find one for sale just about anyplace. But to help you, folks, narrow things down a little, I’ve compiled a list of some of the finest wheel supports I’ve come across:

1. Next Level Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit (NLR-S010)

Next Level Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit (NLR-S010)

Thanks to the innovative f-gt layout, you can get into the ideal driving position for either formula or GT racing. With the Next Level Racing multiple GT racing positions, you won’t need to buy a separate cockpit for each racing game. The f-gt puts you in the driver’s seat in the same formula sitting position as a true formula driver and, of course, the GT position for all your usual racing.

Next Level Racing’s f-gt has a patent-pending design that assures a solid cockpit while also allowing for a wide range of modifications so that the driver’s seat, steering wheel, pedals, and gear shifter can be set up in the ideal position.

The strong construction of the pedal plate and the sturdy support for the steering wheel provide a rock-solid racing experience. The Next Level Racing f-GT is the best value cockpit available, thanks to its many included extras (such as a gear shifter support, seat slider, lumbar support cushion, height-adjustable feet, and the butt-kicker gamer 2 adapters).

2. Logitech Driving Force G920 Bundled with Next Level Racing GT Lite (NLR-S021)

Next Level Racing GT Lite Foldable Simulator Cockpit (NLR-S021)

Compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC – The Xbox Series X and Xbox One version of Driving Force is optimized for today’s top-tier racing games. If you have the option of a driving force controller, you may never go back to a standard controller for a race. The G920 Driving Force Pro may be used on a PC with a few games.

G920 driving force’s dual-motor force feedback accurately replicates the sensation of your car’s tires gripping the road at every curve and on every surface, letting you experience understeer, oversteer, drift, and more. Steering that is particularly smooth, silent, and accurate is made possible by helical gears that mimic those used in automobile gearboxes.

Increase your command of the vehicle with the help of anti-backlash tensioning on the steering wheel and pedals. Lock to lock, it rotates 900 degrees. Hall effect sensor for vehicle dynamics

Built to endure, with precise racing in mind, the stainless steel paddle shifters and pedals complement the strong steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft. High-quality, hand-stitched leather covers the wheel, giving it the appearance and feel of a wheel from a high-performance racecar while also making it more pleasant and durable to use.

The sturdy clamps and bolt points integrated into the driving force enable it to be fastened stably to a table or racing rig, preventing it from moving around too much during high-g maneuvers.

3. Next Level Racing Challenger Simulator Cockpit (NLR-S016)

Next Level Racing Challenger Simulator Cockpit (NLR-S016)

The Next Level Racing Challenger Simulator Cockpit is like having a real racecar in your living room. The Challenger cockpit provides a realistic replica of a race car inside, allowing you to put your steering wheel, pedals, and shifter in their proper places and drive like a pro without leaving your living room. The Challenger’s cockpit is basic in appearance, yet it nonetheless gives a rigorous and realistic racing feel. You may get into the real racing car driver’s seat by adjusting the steering wheel, pedals, and shifter to your liking.

To ensure that people of varying heights and builds may find a suitable seated position, the seat’s angle can be adjusted and a seat Slider is provided. The Challenger cockpit has been designed and tested to ensure that braking and heel-and-toe driving are not compromised by the location of the center pole, which is closer to the driver’s seat than their feet. The Challenger cockpit may also accommodate the optional Next Level Racing lockable castor wheels. You can simply roll the cockpit into place, lock the wheels during racing, and put it away afterward.

4. Thrustmaster 458 Ferrari Spider NLR Stand Lite bundle

Thrustmaster 458 Ferrari Spider NLR Stand Lite bundle

– Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel by Thrustmaster (Xbox X/S, Xbox One)

Wheelbase provides linear resistance independent of rotation angle, guaranteeing ergonomic & intuitive control; authentic licenses from Ferrari & Microsoft; 7:10 reproduction of the Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel

– Lighted Racing Wheel Stand — Next Gen (NLR-S007)

Reliable Bike Stand – collapses in under 10 seconds to save space when not in use

There is a holder for the gear shifter, and it may be installed on either the left or right.

Steel with a powder coating that is both high quality and robust

Wheel and pedal distance and angle may be modified in any way you choose.

All the main manufacturers, such as Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatic, are supported, and the holes are already drilled.

5. Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD for Direct Drive Wheels (NLR-S013)

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD for Direct Drive Wheels (NLR-S013)

When it comes to wheel stands, the Next Level Racing DD is without a peer. It is both the most durable and versatile option available, and it is also the highest quality and most feature-rich. We’ve taken in a lot of input from experts and customers to make sure the DD sets a new standard for wheel stands. Carbon steel that has been laser cut and robot-welded for maximum stiffness and a stealthy matte black finish is now available. The Wheel Stand DD is the best of the best among wheel stands since it is the most advanced model in terms of design, construction, and features.

The Wheel Stand DD is the first of its kind to be able to accommodate a handbrake, as well as direct drive wheels and professional pedal sets. Wheel Stand DD is a high-quality, commercial-grade tool designed for dedicated sim racers with expensive PCs and other hardware. The stand has been designed and rigorously tested to work with direct drive wheels, professional pedal sets, high-end Thrustmaster and Fanatic wheels, shifters, and even handbrakes.

This wheel is unlike any other since it can be lifted and rolled on its front wheels to make it portable and then locked for serious racing. Customers who don’t need mobility may instead have the stand set up on its adjustable feet instead of rolling it anywhere. The Next Level Racing seat Add On for wheel Stand DD is on its way, so serious racers will soon have the option of upgrading to a complete cockpit with motion compatibility.


A wheeled stand for your simulator racing setup isn’t just an accessory; it’s an essential piece of hardware that will make a world of difference in your driving performance and comfort levels. You won’t have to worry about pedal slippages or wheel twists causing the whole piece of equipment to shift.