How to Solve Connected Gamepad not Working on Android

Your Android phone or tablet can be connected to both Bluetooth and wired game controllers. Android is compatible with USB controllers, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch Joy-Con wireless controllers.

But if you’re having trouble with your gamepad not working on your android device, you’re in the right place to find a solution. Let’s dig in to solve the issue.

How to connect your gamepad on an Android device properly

How to solve connected gamepad not working on Android

First thing first, You have to connect your gamepad to your android device to make it work. It can be done either with wire or wirelessly. Try not to do both at the same time.

Your basic Bluetooth gaming controller should be compatible with your Android handset. Connecting a USB controller is similar in concept, except you won’t need any additional adapters.

You need first make your phone available to be found by other Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth feature has to be activated in the system’s settings by going to the connected devices’ connection choices.

Follow the on-screen directions to make your controller discoverable by selecting Pair new device from the same menu. If you can’t find a Bluetooth button, consult the user manual to find out which buttons to press.

(If Bluetooth is already turned on by default, choose it from the menu under Settings > Connected devices > Pair new device.)

When the phone recognizes the controller, you may start the pairing process by tapping the controller’s name. Video games that use controllers will usually recognize them automatically, much like how USB works. Some games may work with controllers, but only after downloading extra software from the Google Play store.

Connecting a PlayStation 5 or PS4 controller on your Android device.

Sony’s gamepads have had Bluetooth for a long time, making it simple to utilize them with your PS4, PS5, and Android devices. Since both consoles utilize Bluetooth, the steps are the same.

Connect the controller by holding down the PlayStation and Share buttons until your Android device appears in the list of devices. A Wireless Controller entry should appear on your Android smartphone once the controller’s light begins flashing.

To finish pairing, click this. As soon as your mobile device prompts you to verify the pairing, you may start using it. Any time the light on your PlayStation controller stays lit, you’ve successfully established a connection.

Gamepad Controller Not working after connecting with an Android device

Gamepad Controller Not working after connecting with an Android device

Now you know how to connect your gamepad properly on your android device. But after doing such you may face the problem where the controller buttons are not working even after connecting to the device properly. 

This issue has a minor problem. You can easily solve this with a few touches here and there. 

Since the release of Android 11, users have complained about difficulties while attempting to pair a game controller with their mobile devices. There have been rumors that Android 11 phones can’t correctly map keys or can’t even detect controllers as input devices.

Several Pixel users and beta testers are experiencing the problem, and they are unable to utilize Bluetooth gaming controllers like the Xbox One controller, Sony’s DualShock 4, and even Google’s Stadia controller. This is according to a discussion about the bug on the official Android Issue Tracker. Although the great majority of complaints come from Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4a owners using Android 11 versions, some users of Samsung and OnePlus have also observed identical behavior.

Android 12 addresses this problem. When Android 12 Beta 4 was released, it brought with it the fix. We don’t know what exactly triggers this problem, but it has something to do with Android’s Accessibility services. To rectify the situation, go to Settings and turn off any Accessibility features.

If you’re using Android 11 OS you can do the below steps to solve your problem:

  • Go to your Settings App on your Android Device
  • Swipe down and Tap on Accessibility.
  • Now go to Installed Services.
  • Here, Turn every service off & Voila..!! You can now use your controller buttons.
  • Turn on the services one by one to pinpoint which service is causing the controller working issue. Only turn off that specific service and you’re good to go.

Best Gamepad Controller for Android Device

How to connect your gamepad on an Android device properly

You should use whichever controller seems most natural to you. However, despite the high quality of controllers for the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, you may find that a controller made for mobile gaming serves your needs better in the long run. If the games you like can be played with a console controller, however, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Here are some of my picks of controllers for your android device:


Hope that your problems are solved now. If this article has helped you can share this with your friends so that can won’t be frustrated enough to play a co-op with you.

However, there are games with such ground-breaking control schemes that you won’t need a controller at all.