How to Level Up your Battle Pet in World of Warcraft

It might be difficult to level your first pet team from 1 to 25, but don’t worry. I have your back! I now have roughly 200+ pets leveled to 25, so I know a thing or two about it. This tutorial is designed to make leveling from 1 to 25 as easy as possible. It’s a detailed walkthrough that includes where to start, who to speak to, their locations, and pet recommendations for defeating them.

Gilnaen Ravens or DMF Crows teaches you the quickest method to grind out level 25s without utilizing any trainers or shortcuts.

Why you need to level up your pets in World of Warcraft (WoW)

Why you need to level up your pets in World of Warcraft (WoW)

A few things to keep in mind: Unless the pet is level 25, the system will distribute the XP among the pets in the group equally. So, if you want to rapidly get two up, attempt strategies that enable you to employ those two pets against teams of two or three.

Remember that while you fight, you may encounter other pets of the same level, and you want a variety of these families, so grab a couple to broaden your option when against trainers. If you’re having problems in a particular region, go through your collection to see if you have any pets that are more powerful than the ones you’re now battling.

If you’re leveling over a few days, you may go back and re-fight the trainers from the day before to obtain extra XP, since trainer bouts provide a lot of exp, and this approach is especially useful at higher levels when you’re power leveling lesser pets rapidly. Try to remain within three levels of each of the tamers’ pets.

When you receive battle stones, don’t spend them on wild pets; instead, use them on pets that may be exchanged. You may always look for a rare variant of a wild pet, but most shops only sell uncommon-grade pets. As you go from area to area, be sure to stop and battle some of the pets you come across in order to level up.

Beginning the Journey with Battle Pets in WoW

To begin your journey into the realm of pet fighting, you must first master the Pet Battle skill on your account. This is simple to achieve at Audrey Burnhep in Stormwind or Varzok in Orgrimmar. You need also to complete the initial objectives in the quest chain to unlock and master the fundamentals of tracking, healing, and capturing.

There are many methods to level up your first pet to level 25. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and which you prefer is a question of personal preference.

Here are the procedures:

1. Paid and the Easiest Method

Paid and the Easiest Method

If you feel like you had enough of the Hard & Mild Easy method & can’t get a hold of your pets to level 25. You can go for the last but not least method which is Paying and trading for Levelled Battle pets in exchange for money. This is by far the fastest way to level battle pets.

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2. Mild Easy Method

How to Level Up your Battle Pet in World of Warcraft

The new approach may also be incredibly fast, even faster than utilizing the Garrison under the correct conditions.

Because of the new (BfA), pet fights scale, you may get the Polished Pet Charms even with level 1 pets. This cash may be used to purchase an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone.

There are usually enough pet combat world missions running to obtain the 60 Charms required for the stone. Even if you don’t, you may complete the tasks on other characters since the Charms are tied to the account.

This strategy, however, needs you to face certain pet bouts (3-6), which aren’t always simple, even when reduced to Level 1 fights.

You should consider the sorts of opposing pets and choose your counters appropriately (e.g. an elemental pet vs. a mechanical one).

Polished Pet Charms may also be obtained through the mission command table for specific tasks.

3. Hard Method

The traditional method is the slowest, but it gradually introduces you to pet combat and teaches you many fundamentals you’ll need later.

The adventure starts with the trainers who enabled pet fights for you (Audrey Burnhep in Stormwind or Varzok in Orgrimmar).

Once you’ve mastered the Pet Battle skill, you’ll be given a quest chain that will bring you to many trainers to defeat one by one.

Taking in and defeating some of the wild pets along the route will fortify your team, allowing it to endure the more formidable opponents in the high-level locations and eventually reach level 25.

The Safari Hat is obtained at the conclusion of the quest and achievement chain in Pandaria and may be used at any time to raise your pet combat experience by 10%.

Even though you may bring whichever creatures you choose on your voyage, there are some that have distinct benefits.

Here are some ideas for ideal first-time pets:

Many of the pets encountered in the woods, as well as those of the initial trainers, are Critters or Beasts. You will have an edge if you utilize pets with Beast attacks (strong against Critters) or Mechanical attacks (strong against Beasts).

Your preferred pets should be of the greatest grade (rare or blue), since they are more powerful. You can use Battle-Stones to improve pets of less than-rare quality, but you won’t have any at the start.

Of course, it will also be beneficial if your first pets are those that will be useful later on.


There are a few things you can do after one of your pets has reached level 25. First, go to the Auction House and seek level 25 pets that you can easily add to your collection. You may also visit our Power Leveling section; for this, you will need two level 25 Flyers, preferably Gilnean Raven or Crow, but any Moth will suffice. The best flyers are those who are powerful against Aquatics.