What Can Surprise and Please You With FIFA 23

If you are an avid football fan, you can get another opportunity to enjoy the performance of your favorite team, especially in the event of a defeat in an important tournament, or in between football championships.

The project from EA, which comes out every few years, is constantly progressing in terms of graphics, the physics of the behavior of the ball and the players, the reaction of the stadium to any actions, depending on the guest team and its success. The most important feature of the FIFA series has also become a full-fledged online mode, which simulates the standings for a large number of players with the possibility of promotion or relegation in divisions.

Coins will be the main currency within the project – players are bought for them and sets are opened. You can farm them in matches and tournaments, or just buy fc 24 coins from a professional service.


Career Mode

Have you ever wanted to try yourself as a coach? Win the Champions League with your favorite team? Or lead an obscure club to the title of champion of his country, as Claudio Revieri did with Leicester City? Start Career Mode.

This is a format for managing all aspects of the club and at the same time playing for the whole team in matches and tournaments.

You will take on:

  • Financial management – ticket prices, club merchandise, contracts and advertising, salaries and expenses.
  • Team building – starting lineup, substitutions, searching for promising youth and strengthening players.
  • Arrangement of the training base – the contribution of finance to scouts to search for promising players, coaches for attackers and defenders, goalkeepers.


Depending on which team you choose, you will receive it in the current position of the standings and the potential for selection for European tournaments and cup matches of your country.

If you decide to go all the way with a young team from the second and third divisions, then you will have to work with poorly trained and ineffective players, but with the prospect of making them world stars and selling them profitably in the transfer window, or keeping them in your team and achieving new trophies.

You will play matches and strive for the first places in your league in order to move up the level and make your way to the top in your country. For example, for England it is the Premier League.

The first season for you will be held in a conditionally training, but also decisive format without admission to European competitions, but with the potential to get into it next season.

To do this, you need to complete the season in the required place to get into the playoffs directly, or through qualifying games.

Let’s take the Premier League as an example. If you take the first two places, you will enter the Champions League directly, and the other two will qualify.

As part of the qualifying games, there is still a chance to fall into the Europa League, and not just leave all tournaments for a whole season.

If you nevertheless take custody of a club from the third division of England, then you will have at least three seasons of movement to the European competitions, but the opportunity to claim the cup of your country before participating in the Champions League, Europe.

FIFA player

Matches against a friend

If you have a friend who loves football as much as you do, then you can compete with each other within the same match, or even fully participate in online mode with constant confrontation.

To play a match at a remote distance, you need to create a game session and invite each other to it. You will choose the team, the playing stadium, the form of the teams, the type of ball, the time of the game, the weather.

This is a one-time meeting, so don’t bother too much with the lineup based on the principle of saving the forces of key players, or planning replacements – put your efforts into one meeting.

The second option is to fully play against each other in an online mode called FIFA Ultimate Team, which we will discuss a little later.


Online mode, or FUT

You can play a specially designed online mode, which stands for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Main differences from career mode:

  • You choose a team and get random players that will drop out of special packs.
  • Inside there is a special currency that is needed to buy football players and sets from which they can be obtained randomly.
  • Each player is personified by a special card, which can be bronze, silver, gold or special and affects the parameters of the player himself.

Your task is to play the first matches so that the system determines your playing level and selects future opponents equal in strength to you for a comfortable game and constant growth.

The FUT has a division system and all your results will affect the promotion and relegation within the limits and ranks.

The higher the division, the stronger the players in it, but if the jump in difficulty is too strong, you will simply be demoted and return when you improve your gaming skills.

FIFA coins

This is the main currency in online football and can be accumulated in a variety of ways, which we will discuss later – to buy players and packs with random performers.

Ways to get FIFA coins

  1. Play matches – simply participate in duels within the division and get coins for winning, losing, or playing in a draw.
  2. Sell unnecessary players and get coins if the transaction is confirmed by another player. You set the prices yourself.
  3. Complete tasks that are updated once a week. The main thing is to be in time before the end of the time, otherwise the result will not be counted, regardless of progress. Tasks will relate to intra-match actions – to score goals, to release players of a certain country and nationality to replace, not to receive cards, and so on.
  4. Participate in tournaments from EA games – just play divisions to get an invitation, go through qualifications and participate in the tournament itself. This is beneficial because of the constant rewards for participation and for achieving certain results. To summarize, you will be able to strengthen your team through game sets that are issued as a reward for any results – the only question is quantity.

Game modes

Play special formats within FIFA Ultimate Team itself, which will help diversify your gameplay and earn more coins.

The most interesting of them is Moments.

It recreates an interesting football event and sets conditions that must be met in a strict manner, and then you will receive game currency.

They themselves may be asked to score a goal when serving from a corner, and then you need to correctly respond to a ball pass – if it is intercepted, there will be a replay, or if the goal is scored in a different way, or not scored at all.