8 Elden Ring Tips to Help You Lord Over the Lands Between

Elden Ring has now stolen a lot of time from gamers around the world. Some gamers have succeeded in completing the game, others are even competing to be the fastest to finish the game again. It’s only natural, as the game itself is already a year old now.

Besides that, many players still enjoy their adventures in the Lands Between which are interesting to explore and have many secrets. But not a few gamers are still having trouble conquering this one game.

Therefore we have summarized some tips and tricks that seem to be useful for gamers during their adventures.


8 Elden Ring Tips to Help You Lord Over the Lands Between

1. Enemies with golden glowing eyes will drop extra runes

Let’s start the list of tips and tricks from the very basics for new players. In Elden Ring, there are all kinds of enemies to face. However, if in battle you encounter a random enemy that has golden eyes, then don’t miss it.

The reason is, enemies with that type will drop more runes than regular enemies. This enemy also has no difference in difficulty from other enemies, so eliminating these enemies will certainly be profitable.

2. Don’t be ashamed to run away from the enemy

One of the mistakes new players in Elden Ring often make is assuming that all the enemies that appear at the beginning must be finished. At the beginning, you will meet the first big enemy, namely the Tree Sentinel, and you are not expected to beat him immediately.

Many players feel that this optional boss must be defeated even though the character’s level at that time is still at the beginning. Forcing against this boss will most likely result in death.

Because basically, the existence of this boss is FromSoftware’s way of teaching players that it’s okay to avoid enemies.

3. Use stealth as often as possible if conditions permit

Stealth is a new technique added to Sekiro’s Elden Ring. With this technique, players can attack enemies from behind and issue great damage without having to bother being detected by other enemies. Players can also save time that would be wasted dealing with many enemies.

Moreover, several locations around Land Between were even made to facilitate players in using this stealth style. So it would be a shame if the existence of this stealth option was not used as well as possible in the game.

However, stealth is not actually recommended for PVP as they will always know where you are. Yes, Elden Ring has a multiplayer feature. So when playing the game and going online, it’s advised for you to have a VPN installed. Keep your gaming account safe with VPN, which is not actually that hard to get. Look for the best VPN service for a smoother gaming experience.

4. Pausing the game without mods to take a break

One of the things that players sometimes don’t realize is important is that there is a pause button which is usually there for any game, especially for offline games. Unfortunately, Elden Ring doesn’t provide this luxury, so players have to find other ways to get it.

Players can enter the Inventory menu, select one of the available items, then press the button for the Help menu, and finally select the Explanation Menu.

This will open the explanation page and pause the game while this menu is open. Of course, this is very useful if you have a sudden need or need a short break.

5. Don’t be lazy to mark the map from the very beginning of the game

Some Elden Ring players are usually late to realize that the map system in Elden Ring is not like ordinary RPG games which will update location points, missions, or other important things automatically when players go on an adventure.

In Elden Ring, everything has to be done manually, so players, whether they like it or not, have to record and mark whatever they encounter on the map and maybe players will come back. So it’s a good idea for players to start getting used to marking the map from the start of the trip.

6. Experiment with Ashes of War

Unlike previous souls-like games, Elden Ring introduces a new system for players’ weapon abilities. It is Ashes of War that can modify attacks and provide special attacks such as holy projectiles, magic deflection, and attack power boosts.

On the other hand, the variety of enemies in Elden Ring is also very diverse, with bosses and enemies having weaknesses through specific types of attacks. So it’s good for players to keep trying various kinds of skills.

7. Use the Rainbow Stone before jumping off the cliff

It looks trivial, but the existence of the Rainbow Stone becomes important when you are adventuring in the Lands Between. Especially in areas filled with cliffs and ravines.

This Rainbow Stone is useful for checking whether jumping from the point where you are down will be safe or even make you die. Simply by throwing these Rainbow Stones down, if the rock breaks when it lands, it means you will also die when you jump. Conversely, if the stone lands intact and lights up, it means you will also be safe.


8. Getting on and off the horse can be an important lifesaver

During your adventure in the vast world of Lands Between, you will indeed be accompanied by a magic horse named Torrent who can appear and disappear when needed. But apart from being very helpful when traveling, Torrent can also be a savior during battle.

This is because the up-and-down animation from Torrent actually has an I-frame, which is a small pause during the animation that makes the player unable to be attacked at all. With a little practice, you can take advantage of this i-frame to avoid enemy attacks.