Top PlayStation Games of All Time

PlayStation doesn’t hold back when it comes to flexing its muscle annually with a delicious array of top-quality games. Sony’s top dog has been at it for quite a long time. Since the advent of the PlayStation one, we’ve gotten amazing games such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Uncharted and many more. If you’re looking to go down memory lane or get your hands on remasters for some of these critically acclaimed titles, then follow on through in this article.


Many of us want to relive remasters for games that came out many years ago. Thankfully, there’s quite a bunch of remasters available today for those titles. Game companies typically place these remasters online, on the platform’s store, and skip putting them on shelves in physical stores. To download these games, you’d need a robust internet connection that is capable of getting 40-50 GB punched into your console in the same day. Check out AT&T customer service phone number to find exclusive deals that cater to your uploading and downloading needs. Download heavy tasks won’t pose a threat to your wallet or your package when you have a good ISP taking care of it 24/7.

Dark Souls 3

A continuation of the Dark Souls franchise and a brilliant semi-dungeon crawler developed by FromSoftware. The game stays true to its sword and sorcery combat mechanic with a welcome visual overhaul. Environments are much more fleshed out with enemies lurking in corners with a decent enough brain to not be sitting idle or walking into walls. Even though the game came out back in 2016, it has since then stayed constant in engaging players from all around the world.

There’s a boss prowling almost every area in DS 3 with something unique to offer. This offering will probably slice and dice you up though so make sure to bounce around with the dodge command. It’s fun as much as it is frustrating and that’s where the beauty of Dark Souls lies. Give in to hours of spewing obscenities as you go forth into another try to beat the game.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

FF XIV has been around for a while. It’s what Square Enix has milked for years just because of how good its online multiplayer is. And Stormblood is the name of the latest expansion in its ever-expanding universe. Since it has traditional RPG mechanics at its foundation, there’s always a class system to get accustomed to. Take up the role of a mage, fighter, medic, or a bit of all three, and head into a dungeon chock full of baddies with their own distinctive attacks and weaknesses.

Yes, there are some tedious side quests, but this is offset by an unforgettable story filled with well-done cutscenes and acting, fantastic new primal fights and dungeons, two fantastic new battle classes, and new territories that reward the explorer in all of us.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon’s concept is a tantalizing mystery that begs to be solved, so players get a sense of urgency right from the start. The questions posed by protagonist Aloy and the primitive; feral machine-infested open world she inhabits keep you guessing the entire time: what’s at the heart of it all? Although Horizon has occasionally corny dialogue that belies its intelligence, the larger ideas it explores – the existence of creation, for instance – are remarkably ambitious.

One of the most compelling features of this brilliant game is how ‘modular’ the robo-animals are. When Aloy takes a special, hand-crafted arrow to blow a Bellowback’s sac to smithereens, the satisfaction experienced is second to none. That’s not all; every silicon powered creature in this game has some special weakness(es) to it that the player itches to find out about. With the help of a “Focus” equipped on one ear, Aloy enjoys a good time carefully analyzing and hunting machines and people alike to inch close to the reason why the world is in tatters. With a faint whisp of foreboding of another reckoning soon to come.


Injustice 2

Injustice 2 strikes a delicate balance between retaining Gods Among Us’ strengths and making sensible modifications to enhance the mechanics. It makes several significant changes, in addition to new versions of noteworthy environmental attacks in which you smack enemies using everything from vehicles to giant stuffed gators on the meticulous stages, flashy shifts between various areas of the battle areas, and a full arsenal of over-the-top Super Moves ranging from mowing down your enemies with the Batmobile to traveling through time, to pummeling your opponent off a dinosaur.

In simple terms, it’s a lot to take in but you’re going to have a fantastic time absorbing all that the sequel to Injustice has to offer as you thrash your opponents with glee.


That’s a wrap on our selection of the top PlayStation games still worthy of your screen time. All the aforementioned titles are still available to try and you can readily find them going up on sale every now and then. Especially during the holiday season. Sony also throws in exclusive add-ons and discounts for Premium members so make sure to search up on that. And as always, game on!