All House Party Cheats Codes & Console Commands (2024)

House Party is a popular simulation game that allows players to navigate social interactions and relationships in a dynamic and interactive environment. Like many games, House Party offers players the option to enhance their gameplay experience through the use of cheat codes and console commands. These cheats can unlock various features, manipulate the game world, and even alter character behaviors. In this article, we’ll explore a comprehensive list of House Party cheat codes and console commands for 2024, providing players with new ways to interact with the game and its characters.

Enabling Cheats and Console Commands

Enabling Cheats and Console Commands

Before using cheat codes and console commands in House Party, players must enable the developer console. Follow these steps to enable the console:

1. Launch House Party: Start the House Party game on your computer.

2. Access the Options Menu: Once the game is loaded, navigate to the Options menu.

3. Enable Developer Console: In the Options menu, find the setting labeled “Enable Developer Console” or “Enable Console.” Ensure that this option is set to “Yes” or “True.”

With the developer console enabled, players can now access the console during gameplay by pressing the tilde key (`) or the backtick key (~) on their keyboard.

List of House Party Cheat Codes and Console Commands

General Commands

– help: Displays a list of available console commands.

– exit: Exits the console.

– clear: Clears the console output.

– quit: Quits the game.

Character Commands

– spawn [CharacterName]: Spawns a specific character in the game world (e.g., “spawn Madison”).

– kill [CharacterName]: Removes a character from the game world (e.g., “kill Patrick”).

– teleport [CharacterName]: Teleports the player character to a specific character (e.g., “teleport Ashley”).

– setrelationship [CharacterName] [AffectionLevel]: Sets the player character’s relationship status with a specific character (e.g., “setrelationship Amy 100”).

– modifyrelationship [CharacterName] [AffectionLevel]: Modifies the player character’s relationship status with a specific character (e.g., “modifyrelationship Rachael -100”).

Gameplay Commands

Gameplay Commands

– unlockall: Unlocks all locked doors and items in the game world.

– ghost: Enables ghost mode, allowing the player character to walk through walls and objects.

– godmode: Enables invincibility, making the player character immune to damage.

– freecam: Activates free camera mode, allowing the player to move the camera freely around the game world.

Item Commands

– giveitem [ItemName]: Gives the player character a specific item (e.g., “giveitem beer”).

– removeitem [ItemName]: Removes a specific item from the player character’s inventory (e.g., “removeitem bra”).

Environment Commands

– settime [Hour:Minute]: Sets the in-game time to a specific hour and minute (e.g., “settime 22:30”).

– setweather [WeatherType]: Sets the weather to a specific type (e.g., “setweather sunny”).

Using Cheat Codes Responsibly

While cheat codes and console commands can add an element of fun and experimentation to House Party gameplay, it’s essential to use them responsibly and consider the impact they may have on your gaming experience. Here are some tips for using cheat codes responsibly:

– Save Your Game: Before experimenting with cheat codes, save your game progress to avoid losing any unsaved changes.

– Experiment in Moderation: Use cheat codes sparingly and avoid over-relying on them, as they may diminish the challenge and enjoyment of the game.

– Respect the Game’s Integrity: Some cheat codes may alter the intended gameplay experience or storyline. Be mindful of how cheat codes may affect your immersion in the game world.

– Have Fun: Ultimately, cheat codes are meant to enhance your enjoyment of the game. Use them to experiment, try new things, and have fun exploring the possibilities within House Party.

House Party cheat codes and console commands offer players the opportunity to customize their gameplay experience, experiment with new features, and overcome challenges in creative ways. By enabling the developer console and using cheat codes responsibly, players can unlock new gameplay possibilities and discover hidden secrets within the game world. Whether you’re looking to manipulate character relationships, unlock locked doors, or explore the game world from a new perspective, House Party cheat codes provide endless opportunities for fun and experimentation. So go ahead, enable the developer console, and let your imagination run wild as you navigate the social dynamics of House Party in 2024!