Where to find Nepheli in the Elden Ring?

Nepheli Loux is a non-player character in Elden Ring. She, like the player, is a Tarnished who was commanded by her father, Hoarah Loux, to kill Godrick the Grafted.

This dual-axe-wielding warrior is a good character to encounter.

Though her mission previously ended in a dead-end, a patch provided a pleasant crossover between the Nepheli quest and Kenneth Haight, allowing players to complete her journey more favorably finally.

During her adventure, you’ll also come across Seluvis, Gideon, and Roderika.

Where to Encounter Nepheli in the Elden Ring?

Where to find Nepheli in the Elden Ring

The quest of Nepheli begins in Stormveil Castle. To learn about her objective, speak with her in the chamber directly before the Secluded Cell Site of Grace.

You may – and should – summon her to assist you in battle Godrick by interacting with the gold summon symbol outside the fog door. She’s huge assistance, yet going in alone does not affect how her goal plays out.

After the battle, speak with Nepheli in the corridor outside the Twin Husk Maidens’ chamber in Roundtable Hold. That’s all you can do for the time being.

The next phase is to progress on Seluvis’ quest, which you can only begin after reaching Three Sisters — the area outside Caria Manor that is opened after defeating Great Knight Loretta.

Speak with Ranni, then go to his tower as Seluvis said. You have several options on how to use the potion he offers you. The fastest option is to hand it over to Gideon and move on.

Where is Nepheli in the Elden Ring?

Players can find Nepheli in her next location in Liurnia by traveling to the Village of the Albinaurics. She may be seen resting behind the bridge as you climb the slope.

This section of the quest requires players to battle the Omenkiller monster on the other side of Albinaurics Village.

Once the Omenkiller has been defeated, players must refresh the region by resting at a Site of Grace before returning to Nepheli to finish her discussion. If she has exhausted all of her conversations, she should return to the Roundtable Hold.

Finding Nepheli in Albus and Latenna

There are several additional plot-critical NPCs lurking in and around the Albinaurics village that can assist you in gaining entry to a late-game region. Head up from the region’s Site of Grace, but instead of heading to the area boss, continue beyond the Depraved Perfumer adversary.

There will be a big pot (presumably with notes pointing it out) that you can hit once to uncover Albus, the Albinauric, who will be hiding from the devastation with a mimic spell. Speak with him if you want to get the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right).

Complete the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon to the east of the Albinauric town to locate the woman he mentions, Latenna.

She’ll be outdoors, on the opposite side of the tunnel, in the Slumbering Wolf Shack. Speak with her to start her quest.

Final Verdict of Nepheli Questline

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The Elden Ring Patch 1.03 update includes a final step to Nepheli’s mission, which also crosses with Kenneth Haight.

When you speak to Haight again after acquiring the Erdsteel Dagger from his first mission, he will return to his fort. He regrets the condition of affairs and wishes for the restoration of a genuine king to Limgrave.

The last stages of Nepheli’s journey begin in the Four Belfries in western Liurnia, south of Caria manor. There are three in the game, one in Raya Lucaria Academy and the other at Sellia, Town of Sorcery.

Return to the Chapel of Anticipation by unlocking the northern entrance. It’s time to get even with that Grafted Scion. Return to the chapel’s entrance after you’ve dispatched him.

Looking inward, you’ll see that a door to your right that was locked at the start of the game is now open. The Stormhawk King may be found on the roof at the top of the stairs. Please give this to Nepheli.

To finish the game, you must travel to Leyndell and battle Morgott. After that, go to the Stormveil royal room, where you should see a freshly crowned Nepheli, Kenneth Haight, and Gatekeeper Gostoc.

If you speak with Nepheli, she will gift you an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Reasons for the Nepheli quest’s failure to proceed

Giving Nepheli Seluvis’ Potion and defeating Maliketh at the Crumbling Farum Azula are currently the known reasons why her questline locks and does not advance.

If the NPCs do not proceed to the Throne Room after completing the preceding procedures, slaying the Lion Guardian near the Limgrave Tower Bridge Site of Grace may help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Nepheli in Albinauric Village?

Third Meeting – Nepheli at the Albinauric Village

Your encounter with Nepheli will take place in the Albinaurics Village in southwest Liurnia. Head beneath the wide bridge from the Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace to locate her kneeling.

Should I give the potion to Nepheli?

You should not offer the potion to Nepheli since it will prevent you from participating in her mission. Instead, hand over the potion to Gideon, who will dispose of it. Return to Seluvis and inform him that you have given the potion to Nepheli. This will allow you to learn incantations from him.

What happened to Nepheli after the roundtable?

Nepheli may be discovered in Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick. She will present you with an Arsenal Charm. After speaking with her, she will vanish and may be located in the Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia of the Lakes.


Hope that you’re now contented with the Nepheli’s questline.

If you can’t convince these characters to move to the throne room, try resting at the Godrick Grace. If it doesn’t work, you may need to return later after making more progress in the game. Once again, the mission appears to be broken for myself and other players.

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