3 Common Elden ring Ranni problems

Many players have fallen into the abyss while completing the mission for/ with Renna or Ranni in Elden Ring. Most of the problems are not problems that have an easy solution & the rest are just around the gameplay. This article will cover some significant issues regarding Renna & Ranni in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Renna does not appear at Church.

Elden Ring’s Ranni questline is both lengthy and complicated. However, it leads you on a fascinating voyage through various locales. Defeating numerous stunning bosses and providing many great rewards, The Dark Moon Greatsword is likely to be the most valuable of these gifts. Which is a treat for the fan of the Souls Universe.

Possible Reasons for Renna not Appearing at Church.

Elden Ring Renna does not appear at Church.

Renna may or may not appear in Elden Ring for three reasons:

● She disappears if no one visits her within a specific time after her appearance is triggered.

● The trigger that would have caused her to appear has not been activated.

● She’s supposed to appear, but a bug prevents her from doing so.

Renna appears at the Church of Elleh once players have obtained Torrent from Melina. Melina appears after players find their third Site of Grace (usually Gatefront), receiving Torrent the Spectral Steed.

This is Renna’s queue to appear at the Church and bestow the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes on the players. Unfortunately, for some people, this is not the case.

So, we know that obtaining Torrent is required for Renna to appear, but is that all there is to it? Some players claim she went missing and only reappeared when they fast travelled to the Church of Elleh. Others have claimed that she only appears for them at night.

The timing and game progress is essential for Renna to appear at Church. Be sure to follow the guideline.

To be more specific, your first encounter with the Witch Ranni occurs relatively early in the game. You should go to the Church of Elleh at night once you have your Horse (Torrent) from Melina. Ranni should be waiting for you there.

Interact with her. For the time being, she will identify herself as “Renna,” and she will give you the Spirit Calling Bell, which is used to summon Spirit Ashes.

If you didn’t do any of this, don’t worry: the Spirit Calling Bell can be purchased later on from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold. And you’ll still be able to complete the rest of the Ranni questline.

Elden Ring Ranni not appearing in her Tower

Elden Ring Ranni not appearing in her Tower

Ranni, the Witch, is a non-player character in Elden Ring. Ranni, the Witch, is a mystery character who first goes by the name Renna. When you run into her again at Three Sisters, she exposes her true identity and hires you as a servant, sending you off in search of a buried treasure.

So, If you find yourself where Ranni is not appearing in her Tower, you can follow the instruction below to make her appear.

The solution to Ranni not appearing in her Tower:

If you discover the lift components and get to Atlus Plateau very early, you will be able to complete a slew of quests out of sequence.

If this is the case, when you visit Radahn’s castle, a teleporter at the bridge should transport you to a group of characters conducting a festival to murder Radahn. Ranni will return to her Tower once you kill him.

Elden Ring stuck in Ranni’s Rise.

Elden Ring stuck in Ranni's Rise.

Ranni’s Rise is the Middle of the three towers in this location (the other two towers are currently blocked off). To progress further, you have to speak with Ranni at the top of the Tower.

After battling your way through Caria Manor in Elden Ring, you’ll come across Ranni’s Rise and encounter the mighty Witch Ranni.

While meeting new individuals and embarking on new quests is exhilarating, some players find themselves stranded in Ranni’s Rise and unable to continue their Elden Ring experience.

After deciding to serve Ranni, players face an unseen barrier that prevents them from returning to Caria Manor, and rapid travel appears to be unavailable. Fortunately, there is a straightforward remedy. In Elden Ring, here’s how to exit Ranni’s Rise.

The solution for being stuck in Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring

This occurs after you have decided to serve Ranni and introduced you to her supporters. Fortunately, this isn’t a bug, so you’re not stuck indefinitely. All you have to do now is return to the area and converse with everyone, making sure to exhaust all of their dialogue choices, and you’ll be free to leave.

This implies you must speak with Wolf, Iji, and Seluvis after speaking with Ranni. Most people miss a vocal phrase or two from Ranni, so make sure to return to the top of the Tower and hear everything she has left to say.

After talking to everyone in Ranni’s Rise a few times, the invisible wall will vanish, and you will be able to fast travel once more.

It’s a unique constraint because Elden Ring typically doesn’t hold your hand with conversation and character interactions, but Ranni, Blaidd, and the rest of the crew are all crucial to the game’s plot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Ranni and Renna same?

Yes Ranni & Renna are same person. At the beginning of your interaction with Ranni, she identified herself as Renna. But as you progress with her story timeline, she will declare herself as Ranni.

Renna is not spawning at all. What should I do?

Don’t worry. If Renna does not appear at all in Church of Ellah, you should go along your quest & collect the bell from the Roundtable Hold, twin maiden husks. If you haven’t already gotten the Spirit Calling Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes from Renna, you can do so in this shop.

Who’s Melina? I didn’t find any character named Melina in Elden Ring.

Melina is a non-player character in Elden Ring. Throughout the game’s plot, Melina serves as a guide. She is a mysterious young girl that Tarnished first encountered at the start of his journey. Melina appears in a black robe and approaches players resting at various Sites of Grace. She provides direction throughout the game’s overall framework.

Melina will present herself and reflect on the lack of guidance during your trip thus far after discovering three Sites of Grace on land.

To engage with Melina, make sure you REST on the Grace Site on land.


The Ranni storyline is viable to the main questline. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned guideline according to your needs. 

Elden Ring enforces gamers to have a competitive gaming experience where defeating an enemy is quite hard. Also providing the luxury of exploring the vast world of various lands.