4 Elden Ring crashes Solutions

I’m playing Elden Ring since the day of its release now. I’m almost at 50+ hours of gaming. Though I have explored more than hopping from one main quest to another. I was doing fine until I stomped upon some crash issues like I couldn’t load my previously saved game data. 

Another problem I found was that I was trying to equip Red Hood armor but the moment I put it on the game stuck & crashed instantly. Including these, I had Alt-Tab crashing on PC & cashing while summoning in co-op.

So, I searched the internet for solutions & saw these numerous players had the same issues. Got some idea to solve these from the internet & solved some of the problems myself.

I’m going to demonstrate the reason behind the issues & provide you with a solution to each problem in this article. Let’s dig in.

Elden Ring crashes

Elden Ring crashes when loading save

Problem Definition

While I was skimming through Caelid I rested on the newly found Grace Site. I rested for a while & went to my Kitchen for a quick snack. After returning to the Game in 5 minutes, I found that my game is closed. I thought “Okay, this is fine, I’ll just start the game again.” 

But after starting the game again I saw that it crashes automatically after the game loading screen. I booted the game again but it crashed every time.

I looked into the usual suspects.

  • Windows was out of date, so I upgraded it.
  • Because the graphics driver was out of the current, I upgraded it.

That, however, did not address my problem. So I went to Google to investigate what the problem could be, and these are the solutions I’ve attempted:

  • Running as administrator
  • Turning off Fullscreen optimization
  • Disabling the Steam overlay
  • Adding the game folder as an exception to my Antivirus Program
  • Making sure that I’m running DX12
  • Disabling Epic Games Launcher
  • Reinstalling Direct X and Visual C++ redistributables
  • Running the game in windowed mode with no border
  • Launching the game from the folder rather than through Steam
  • Disabled anti-cheat and offline loading
  • Modifying the game’s launch options to run with -dx11

But all that didn’t work. My game still crashed at save game loading.

The possible reason behind the crashes

The main reason behind this problem was the Latest Patch. After updating the Elden Ring to the latest patch update, it missed some files. While missing some files it installed the unfinished program. For that reason, it stuck in certain scenarios & crashed hard.

The solution to the Problem

After I addressed the main reason behind the problem, the solution became easy for me. As I have played a lot of games in my lifetime & solved a lot of crash/ stuck issues. The solution to this particular problem is in your steam program.

Follow the step-by-step guide to solve the “Crashes when loading saves in Elden Ring”.

  • Firstly Open your Steam Program.
  • Go to your Steam Game Library.
  • Find Elden Ring in the Steam Library.
  • Right-click on the Elden Ring & Select Properties.
  • From the Properties menu Selct Local Files from the Left.
  • On the Right panel, you’ll get some options for your Game.
ER Local Files
  • Select “Verify Integrity of game files”.
  • This process may take a little longer. After the scanning, it may show that 1 or 2 files were missing or incorrect.
ER Integrity Verified
  • Just update it & Open your game.
  • Hopefully, this will solve your problem.

Disclaimer: This process will not your existing saved games as this is the legal way to do so. So, check the integrity & play the games to your heart’s content.

Elden Ring crashes when equipping armor

Problem Definition

While I was going through Stormveil for 50+ hours with no other problems. I make my way down to the location where the monster is hanging out with the mound of bodies and dogs devouring them. I picked up the Red Hood, and as soon as I put it on, my game crashed, and no matter what I do, it would not load that save. Other characters, however, continue to load normally.

The possible reason behind the problem

The reason for this problem is the same as the reason for the previous one. The latest patch v1.02.2 missed some files while downloading. Because of the missing files, it crashed in this particular game section.

The solution to the Problem

The solution to this problem is checking the integrity & verifying the files again. The whole procedure is mentioned above. Make sure to check that out.

Elden Ring crashes on alt-tab

Problem Definition

While playing the Elden Ring many players have faced the game crashing at Alt + Tab action on PC. I may need to head to another program on my computer. Or I may require some guidelines in my Internet Browser. To switch between apps or programs I have to press Alt+Tab. Years of game developing but still, we’re having the problems of 2010s. 

The possible reason behind the problem

While searching on the internet for the reason behind the problem of Game Crashing on Alt+Tab on PC. I found out that it occurs due to Full-Screen gaming. Along with some programming issues in the game development. To solve this problem let’s continue & follow the procedure stated below.

The solution to the Problem

The solution to the problem is in Three (3) ways. Let’s explore our options.

Solution No: 01

During the in-game of Elden Ring open your Map then Alt + Tab to switch to another Program. If you don’t Alt+Tab while walking, standing, option menu, riding Torrent your game won’t crash.

Solution No: 02

If you try to tab back and the window makes an error sound, press Alt + Enter to switch between full screen and windowed mode.

Solution No: 03

Playing the game in Windowed Borderless will solve the issue. To play the game in this mode follow the procedure:

  • Open Game Option
  • Select Settings
  • Select Display Setting
  • Select the Display Mode to Windowed Borderless.

Some users note that the game performs slightly better in borderless window mode, therefore it’s not a terrible idea to switch to this mode when optimizing the game.

Elden Ring crashes when summoning

Problem Definition

So, I was having a good time playing Elden Ring. At some point, I was held against a boss enemy in an area & I has a hard time defeating him. So I thought maybe if I summon another player for a co-op it’ll be easier to defeat the enemy.

But as I summoned the game froze for a few seconds and then it crashed.

The possible reason behind the problem

The reason behind the problem of Crashing while summoning in Elden Ring is Server Overload. Due to the limitation of the active player at a time, it’s not possible to summon a player out of the blue. These things happen all the time unless FromSofware updates their Programming pattern for Elden Ring or upgrades their limitation of an active player in a single unit of time.

The solution to the Problem

As you now know the reason behind the problem of Crashing when summoning you can deduce the solution to this specific problem.

The only solution to this problem is to Wait-out the summoning time.

Pass some of the time before engaging the enemy. Do your daily staff outside the game. After spending a brief amount of time Summon again to see that your problem is solved. The game will no longer crash while summoning.


Elden Ring is a Fine installment by the Developer FromSoftware. Their Souls Universe is being expanded year by year. 

The problem I’ve faced so far is being addressed by the developers & they are working on the fix on the next release.

Let’s enjoy the game to our heart’s content.