9 Realm Stuck Problem in God of War [Solved]

While playing God of War, several gamers have experienced serious stuck issues in many realms. These problems appear as you progress through the main story or after completing the primary mission.

Any realm, such as Midgard, Alfheim, Asgard, Vanaheim, Niflheim, Muspelheim, Helheim, Svartalfheim, or Jotunheim, could be involved. Suppose you return to a location to gather missing chests or collectible goods.

In that case, you may run into the issues listed below. In this article, we’ll address the difficulties to improve the smoothness of our gaming and provide a more immersive experience.

1. God of War stuck in Alfheim no boat

realm stuck problem in God of War

In God of War, many players got stuck after the Alfheim story mission. While coming back from the Ringed temple, there’s no boat at the dock to come back to the mainland.

To solve this issue, we have to go through many events. Let’s continue with the problem.

Problem Definition:

I faced the problem that I was already in Alfheim when I completed the story. Still, I returned to acquire the collectibles I had overlooked.

I went to the Ringed Temple, where the sand bowl lift is located, and went down it to gather a few treasures, but there was no boat available for me to leave on when I returned up.

Solution for no boat in Alfheim: What to Do?

The first thing is It’s not a bug.

The solution to the problem, as mentioned above, is easy and Simple. I went down to the lift and then followed the Quest Marker to the Sand Bowl-Lift, which took me up to the top, and the boat was there.

So, you just have to follow the marker to the Sand Bowl first, where you have to take the lift which will lead you to the shore. There you can find the boat waiting to get you to the mainland.

To go back again inside the temple, go to the dock, look right, and you’ll see an elevator down into the underground level. You’ll have to make your way back through there.

What not to do?

If you run around aimlessly, you can’t get out of the maze. Also, if you panic for not getting out from the Alfheim Ringed Temple, you may load to the previously saved game to solve your current problem. If you do that, you’ll lose all the collectibles & chest rewards you’ve collected from the Alfheim ringed temple.

Also, trying to restart the game, uninstalling & installing again won’t fix the problem you’ve faced in Alfheim no boat issue.

So, to make your gaming experience more smooth and progress towards just follow the solution mentioned above for no boat in Alfheim.

2. God of War stuck in Midgard after Story Ends.


Problem Definition:

After completing the Main Story where I spread the ashes at Jotunheim, I wanted to come back to the middle of the realm: Midgard. But as soon as I leave the realm travel room.

I enter the shop region, and the mystic door is not working, and both doors ( the exit and the realm travel room door from the one I came to) are locked.

Solution for stuck in Midgard: What to do?

The problem is just a game bug in the earliest version of the game.

To solve this problem, you just have to delete the game data but not delete the save file. Reinstall it with updates. This will work like a charm.

What not to do?

Make sure you don’t delete the save game slots. Take a backup of your saved games elsewhere to be sure. If you delete all the data of your saved game, you’ll lose the progress you’ve made so far. Otherwise, you’ll have to play the whole story mission all over again.

3. God of War stuck in Niflheim New Game+.


Problem Definition:

In this problem, I’m wearing Ivaldi’s armor. I’ve reached a stage where I can’t improve anything without increasing my crest of flame or haze weaving.

5/8 Non-Queen Valks were defeated by me (Hildr, Gondul, and Kara aside). I’m aware that haze weave may be found on the large right-hand field (the left-hand one being where Hildr resides). I didn’t complete the Muspelhim trials, but I believe I would be under-levelled.

Hildr is a level 10 character with an unblockable move that is difficult to counter at level 8.

Enemies in the large field on the right are typically too strong (1 or 2 hits and I die)

So, what should I do now? I’m unable to improve any armor now, and I’m always dying in the right-hand field (I beat it only once or twice, but I barely made it out).

Solution for stuck in Niflheim: What to do?

Haze weaves may also be obtained from other rooms. If the boss chambers are killing you, bypass them both and take a lap/repeat of the four main rooms, collecting every treasure along the way. You won’t find it in the first two rooms, but if you’ve collected enough mists, you could find it in the third or fourth.

If you have other better-upgraded armors, you don’t need to go full Ivaldi set to survive the mist. To get to lv.9, I’d change out a few pieces. If you’re not cleansing every room at once, the mist isn’t a big deal.

Alternately, you may equip Full Deadly Mist, the new Valk set, or the Ares set. You may also purchase the talisman of realms+ to slow downtime. And upgrade the amulet of Kvasir.

4. God of War stuck in Muspelheim challenge.

Problem Definition

I’m stuck on the task of destroying the enemies in the rings when playing the Give Me a Challenge game mode. I always seem to make it to the last portion, but the rings keep shifting every 2 seconds, making it look impossible. I need to beat this to acquire burning embers and upgrade my armor, but I’m ready to shatter my controller in two, and I’m at a loss. Are there any tactics that have shown to be successful in the past?

Solution for Stuck in Muspelheim Give me Challenge

The challenge of this task is crowd management. Attract the enemy to the ring and circle them – you should be assaulting the whole time, but while they’re approaching the ring, go all out.

You may also utilize a large number of stun finishers to deal damage to a large number of enemies at once (like the Dark Elf spear throw kill). You’ll get the knack of drawing them toward you and then circling them into a compact group after some practice. Use some large Runics once they’re in that little group in the ring.

Bonus Tip: The rings only alter in the final portion after you kill an enemy (whether or not that kill was in the circle). So, suppose you like one area over another. In that case, you can just kill random enemies to speed up the cycle around the circle locations and get to your favoured one quicker. Try stun-grab kills, but grab the Draugr outside the circle and use the joysticks to aim him into it during the animation.

Also, don’t kill objects outside the circle immediately before you believe you have a chance to kill someone within the circle. Otherwise, your circle will be cancelled!

The ideal approach to achieve this is to reduce your foes’ health to a minimum and then kite them into the circles for a swift death. You may use the blades to drag them in and hopefully kill them in the circle if they’re just out of reach.

5. God of War stuck in Helheim.


Problem Definition

Going back for a Valkyrie in Helheim, and one of the bridges with a door underneath it had no wind of hell for me to grab and open the door.

The solution to the problem of getting stuck in Helheim

The solution to this issue is easy and straightforward.

It seems that the game just glitched, but the mystic gateway remained operational.

So to solve this, you just have to restart at the checkpoint or reload the game at your previous saved state.

After this, you can continue on your journey.

6. God of War stuck in Jotunheim.

Problem Definition

So I just finished unlocking the Jotunheim realm, and as I reached the top of the stairs, the screen turned white, and it’s been that way. I can still hear footsteps and ambient sound effects, but nothing else is loading. I’ve installed the most recent update, restarted the program, and rebooted the device, but the issue persists.

Solution for stuck in Jotunheim: What to do?

When you understand the solution to this problem, you’d likely tear apart your hairs out of your head.

The solution is so simple that you just have to keep WALKING Forward. The white screen is just a transition from one place to another.

That’s it, your problem is solved.

Can’t travel to Other Realms (Vanaheim, Svartlheim, and Asgard)

I’m sorry to tell you this, but Odin has locked those worlds, and the trip rune will never operate.

Odin’s anxiety about those specific realms containing things that could be utilized against him is probably to blame.

7. Vanaheim:

Because the Aesir had previously gone to battle with the Vanir, Vanir, unlike the giants, is still alive. He may have deemed it best to block entrance to Vanaheim so that no one could ally with them.

8. Svartalfheim:

Mimir says that, while Svartalfheim translates to “Land of the Dark Elves.” It is the home of the dwarves, and its original name was Nidavellir because the Aesir couldn’t be bothered with the distinction when naming things.

Perhaps he didn’t want people going to them to make weapons and armor that could be used against him, like how he got them to make Mjolnir. This superweapon wiped out the giants.

Of course, Brok and Sindri simply realm transfer and appear in Midgard to aid Kratos in any case, but Odin’s motive seems to be precise.

9. Asgard:

Of course, Asgard is walled off because there is where Odin would be.

Odin trusts Baldur (and likely Magni and Modi), but not anybody else roaming the other realms; therefore, it makes sense for him to have a key.

Of course, some of this is still a stretch; after all, why didn’t Odin simply shut down all realm travel?

The actual explanation is that even though there was no narrative need to go there, those locations and their realm towers had to be referenced for worldbuilding purposes.

Kratos had just intended to scatter the ashes and wound up in the other realms since they were in the way of his journey.

He would never have left Midgard if everything had gone his way.

We’ll probably get to travel there in later games, as it would have strained the tale to include them in this one. They’ll be vital for later stories (I can see Vanaheim being particularly important later, especially with Freya’s development, and Asgard seems to be endgame).


When you complete the main story, you’ll need to come back & explore different realms to collect what you’ve missed during your campaign. In six different realms, you may have missed a lot of chests & collectibles while crawling through the story mission. Get those items & add them to your collections.