How Scary is the Control Game? [Is it Horror or Calmness]

Control is an action-adventure video game released in 2019 by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games. Control was inspired by spooky tales about the imaginary SCP Foundation developed by an online collaborative-fiction project centered on the new odd genre.

Is Control a horror game?

Control does have some disturbing undertones about it. Doors emerge where they did not previously exist, persons speak in strange ways, and the narrative may be scary.

The tale begins with the player attempting to locate her sibling via mental energy, and before she realizes it, she has become the president of a firm that runs out of a skyscraper that defies physics.

The game also includes a lot of horror inspirations, two of which are very popular on the internet. The most apparent one is the internet horror tale community known as the SCP foundation.

The most visible manifestation of this is the ethically ambiguous and secretive organization dealing with supernatural aspects.

The second influence is also quite obvious: Lovecraftian-style horror, usually known as cosmic horror. This is a more philosophical and nuanced form of horror than it is confrontational.

This is mostly due to the fact that cosmic terror is based on the belief that there are entities in the cosmos that are beyond our understanding. 

How scary is the Control game

These themes are toned down a little in Control, but they are clearly still there. This begs the question: Is Control a horror game because of these themes? That is entirely up to the gamer, but for me, I would say no. Most horror games adhere to more classic horror, and Control isn’t all that frightening.

It’s quite eerie, but it’s not meant to be terrifying. Nonetheless, from the ambiance and model designs of the buildings and troops to the story’s bizarre idea, it is unquestionably one of the creepiest and most unsettling games in recent memory.

So, my take on Control is it’s not a horror game at all. There is an unkillable creature, but the game has no scary aspects. It’s more about strange world phenomena based on the SCP foundation, which extrapolates items and happenings.

Not a spooky horror game, but an adventure game. There is some paranormal activity going on, but nothing that I found really disturbing.

Does Control have jump scares?

I completed the game and completed the most (if not all) of the side missions. The game has four jump scares, which I’ve discovered. I was so into the game that the simple jump scare made me scared a lot. 

I’ve re-collected the jump scares of Control & made an organized list in order to help you with your query. Be ensured that these are kind of a spoiler as you’ll may or may not yet reach the story timeline yet.

  • The first Hiss Reveal after leaving the Director’s Office is a little jumpy. Or, at least, it was for me.
  • Boy Exploding in the Elevator
  • Exploding boy impersonating a mimic, who then explodes.
  • When you clear a control point or anything, creepy brother leap scares you.

I’m not sure any of them counts as a jump scare. There’s so much spooky tension in this game that I honestly wouldn’t mind another nice jump scare or two to relieve it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Control have horror elements?

Control has horror aspects, and players will witness some awful things in the game, but it cannot be labeled as a horror game because of the main heroine Jesse Faden’s extraordinary psychic skills, which enable her to efficiently deal with any dangers.

What type of game is Control?

Control is an action-adventure game released by 505 Games and developed by Remedy Entertainment.

How long is the Control game?

If you wish to finish the main campaign of Control, including all side missions, it should take between ten and fifteen hours. If you choose to only play through the main campaign, it will take between eight and ten hours.

Is the Control game worth purchasing?

I played it when it first came out, re-played it again shortly after defeating it, and eventually grew tired of it enough to take a vacation from it. It’s simply that entertaining. When it first came out, I paid the full amount.

Obviously, WORTH IT in my view.


Control may be a challenging game at times, and there are no difficulty levels. The backstory of Control is vast and engaging, and the best way to learn about it is to take on combat challenges. The fighting is experimental and satisfying, and the best way to improve is to immerse yourself in the game’s story.