How to solve Elden Ring weapon is not appearing?

I’ve spent 10 hours playing Elden Ring. And I was having a fantastic time exploring Limgrave until I went into a fight and realized my sword was missing from my right hand.

I’m punching with nothing but my bare fists. So I figure I must have unequipped by mistake, so I attempt to re-equip it, but it insists the sword is in the Right-Hand Armament 1 slot.

I assumed maybe there was some weapon durability mechanism I wasn’t aware of, so I equipped another sword, but it still doesn’t appear on my character, and I’m still punching.

OK, maybe it’s an invisibility bug, so I locate an adversary to strike, and it’s a punch. I let it kill me to see if it would cure it, but it didn’t work.

I still had the shield in my left hand, so I placed a sword there, and it appears on the character and functions well in battle. I then opt to exit the game and restart my computer. I continued the game, but nothing changed.

Why does the weapon not appear in Elden Ring

I tried equipping the halberd and shield on my right hand, but it didn’t work. I also tried placing a weapon in right-hand armament 2, but it didn’t work.

In short, despite the fact that it says I have something in my right hand, my game would not equip it. This is a massive issue for me since I play with sword and shield.

So, I searched the Internet regarding my issue and found out that I was just plain stupid. Many gamers like me who was just too excited to play the Elden Ring missed out on the initial tutorial of the gameplay. 

In this article, I’m gonna explain why Weapon in Elden Ring does not appear & how to solve it. Let’s dig in.

Why does the weapon not appear in Elden Ring?

The one and the only reason why the weapon does not appear in Elden Ring is that you can cycle through Fist/No weapon & Weapon with your Right-hand armament. 

So, If you don’t want to unequip your right-hand armament but want to use your fist to punch out that Goat, you can do it just by cycling through the fist.

How to solve right-hand armament not appearing in Elden Ring?

How to solve Elden Ring weapon is not appearing

To solve this issue you just have to do one thing.

If you’re playing Elden Ring with your controller on either PC or PS or Xbox you can simply press on the Right D-Pad to equip or unequip your right-hand armament.

But if you’re on Keyboard-Mouse combo gaming you should use Shift + Mouse Scrollwheel up for Weapon (Right-hand Armament) and Shift + Mouse Scrollwheel down for Shield (Left-hand Armament).

After sitting at a Site of Grace, your weapon may sometimes become invisible.

This is fixed by reloading the location, such as teleporting to another Site of Grace or restarting the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why don’t I receive the legendary armaments in Elden Ring?

To get the Legendary Armament accomplishment in Elden Ring, you must store all of your legendary weapons at a Site of Grace and then retrieve them. If you’re using Steam, just restart the game client and the accomplishment will appear when you open Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, how do you equip a weapon?

Hold Triangle/Y and L1/LB to equip two-hand weapons in Elden Ring. Holding the Triangle/Y button in Elden Ring now brings up a tiny additional menu – your Pouch – where you may allocate items and modify your weapon posture while this menu is open.

Elden Ring has how many legendary armaments?

Elden Ring has Nine (9) distinct Legendary Armaments, each of which is required for the Legendary Armaments’ accomplishment. Some of them are also quite strong and should be pursued even if you aren’t an accomplishment seeker.


Hope that this article has helped you solve your problem & fulfilled your thirst for new things. If these methods worked to solve where your weapon was not appearing in Elden Ring, let your friend know too. And check our other articles & guides to help you through Elden Ring. Have a great time playing Elden Ring.