Is Kratos Stronger in God of War: Ragnarok

Yes, Kratos is way stronger in Ragnarok than in any other game in which he appeared. Kratos, the God of War, is a demigod who has evolved from a monster. He was full of arrogance and rage, one who would tear down anyone in his path for vengeance against those who destroyed his previous life. After Faye is gone, he’s not the Kratos as before. He is not sure how to raise Atreus because Faye always seemed to be the guiding light for him in uncertain situations. Following their journey to spread Faye’s ashes at her request, Kratos is confronted with a prophecy that would spell the end of his time with Atreus and now everything has changed. 

Why do people think Kratos is weaker than the 2018s God of war?

Is Kratos stronger in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok: The story takes place many years after the 2018s god of war events. By then, Kratos had fought less than before, dedicating his entire life to Atreus and living through Fimbulwinter – the eternal winter before Ragnarok. The harsh winters and lack of real motivation to fight may be part of the reason this new Kratos feels slightly weaker than the 2018s God of war. though it’s still capable of defeating a god or two daylights.

Why does Kratos seem weaker in the God of war Ragnarok?

In Ragnarok, you will see that Kratos seems to be exhausted and clutching his stomach after the battle with Thor, and in the later game, Kratos seems to be too tired just to want to sleep. One might think that these signs of Kratos’ weakness are evidence that Kratos’ body is weakening, but I don’t think so. I think this shows how powerful Kratos has become. Because Kratos’ body is not weak. The exhaustion he displays comes from suppressing his anger and trying to maintain control.

Why Kratos is holding back in God of war Ragnarok?

Kratos was feeling the effects of his fatigue, tired of suppressing such strong emotions, tired of suppressing his anger and worry. These signs that we see are not signs of weakness, but signs of strength. If Kratos had unleashed his anger, it would have been God of War 3, or worse. Kratos is stronger than ever, and even when he’s afraid of his abilities, he knows it, and that’s why he keeps holding back, and that’s why he always punches. Not only did he want to be a role model for his son, but he was afraid of what he had been. Because he finally found himself in peace. He doesn’t want to relive his past, even though he must face it.

What makes Kratos so strong? 

Why do people think Kratos is weaker than the 2018s God of war

You can see that he has trouble walking and is weak. This is because his mental exhaustion is taking its toll on you both mentally and physically. Don’t confuse Kratos’ fatigue with weakness; it’s a strength that shows just how far Kratos has come from the ruthless monster he once was and Kratos is only going to get stronger. Power comes in many forms and we’re right to focus on just one, the one that holds Kratos back, and rightly so.

Besides the physical strength, the game also provides Kratos with upgraded gears, armor, weapons, and a shield which is much more powerful than the 2018s god of war. 

Three Main Weapons of the game 

Kratos mainly uses two weapons in his game. One is the leviathan axe and another is the chaos blade. In god of war Ragnarok, these two weapons are upgraded and more powerful than in the previous game. One new weapon is added in the game which is the Draupnir spear. This is an end-game weapon. 

The Leviathan Axe

The Axe is called “The Leviathan”, Kratos’s is one of the most powerful weapons which he used during the game. It is more powerful than the previous game. It has more upgrades available this time. Eventually, with the right upgrades, he’ll gain the area abilities that he needs to effectively deal with hordes of enemies. Much of the appeal of an axe depends on how well it expands with upgrades. 

The Chaos Blade

The “Chaos Blade” is the most hyped weapon that Kratos used. They’re great against hordes of enemies and frozen enemies. They perform amazingly in most boss fights, an advantage he feels over greater difficulties. It has some major upgrades in Ragnarok, Which made it more dangerous than ever.

Draupnir Spear

Finally, the new weapon of this game is Draupnir Spear. While it’s powerful, the fact that Kratos gets the spear so late in the game means he obviously can’t count on it for most of the campaign. He’ll have to rely on the spear to get out of some tough fights in the late game, but of course, he can beat the enemy without touching it in combat situations. 

New Shield in God of war Ragnarok 

The shield is an important part of Kratos’ arsenal in God of War: Ragnarok, allowing the Spirit of Sparta to block, deflect and parry enemy attacks during combat. Throughout God of War, Kratos relied entirely on his protective shield for defense, but God of War: Ragnarok offers a total of five shields for players to find and equip. The shields are all different from each other and offer more protection than in previous games. Finally, shields can deflect projectiles back at enemies, counter with ground slams, and are fairly all-around without drastic changes, which makes Kratos stronger than before. 


Of all the gods of war, Kratos is the most powerful and fearsome, because he has the power of Pandora’s box, the power of Ares, and a lot of weapons and magic, and knowledge from other gods, harnessed by the power of Athena his brother’s death. Day by day he has become more powerful because of the experiences that he gained from his journey throughout his whole life. He was a ruthless monster in the past who killed or ripped through anyone or anything that blocks his path. Now he is more experienced and self-controlled which makes him stronger than ever.