Who was Kratos’s wife in the God of War 4?

Kratos was formerly married to Lysandra, a Greek lady with whom he had a daughter named Calliope. Lysandra pleaded with Kratos to change his ways, hoping that he would leave Ares’ service and stop his violent rampant.

Lysandra’s death (along with Calliope’s) was eventually used as the impetus for the entire God of War series.

Kratos’ wife and daughter were at an Athena temple when Ares sent him to slay the goddess’ worshipers there. Kratos, along with the others, slaughtered his family in blindingly violent wrath.

Ares’ treachery was intended to fortify Kratos’ determination and make him into an even more insane warrior. The deceit, however, only served to disillusion Kratos, and he swore to exact the vengeance he would eventually exact with Ares’ death after the first God of War.

Visions of Kratos’ deceased family are used to control him during the series’ initial journey through Greek mythology, and he even briefly reunites with Calliope in Elysium Fields during the events of Chains of Olympus.

However, once his fight against the gods of Olympus is completed, Kratos departs Greece to establish a new family.

God of War 2018’s Kratos’ Second Wife

Who was Kratos's wife in the God of War 4

When Kratos ultimately settled in Midgard, he fell in love with Faye, whom he mistook for a mortal. Thus Faye became Kratos’s wife in the God of War 2018. They had a kid called Atreus, and lived a quiet life. Faye eventually discovered Kratos’ actual status as a deity, but she kept it disguised from Atreus.

While Kratos hunted and supplied for the family, Faye appeared to spend the majority of her time schooling their son. Kratos’ wife in God of War died at the home for an unidentified reason, whereas Lysandra died in battle.

God of War (2018) begins with Faye’s cremation, which, unbeknownst to Kratos, kickstarts her plot to have her real identity exposed to her husband and son posthumously.

According to Mimir, the severed head of God of War, Faye’s full name was Laufey, a renowned Frost Giant heroine. She had built a magical barrier in the woods around their house to hide her existence from the Norse gods, but she had told Kratos to cut down the corresponding enchanted trees for her funeral pyre.

She also told Kratos and Atreus to scatter her ashes atop the tallest mountain in the Nine Realms, Jötunheim, the domain of giants. As a result of Faye’s death and cremation, Kratos and Atreus were discovered by Baldur, fleeing their house to eventually reach Jötunheim and learn of Faye’s heritage and Atreus’ actual nature as Loki.

Kratos’ second wife is probably more crucial to the God of War tale, directing a full game’s plot rather than merely being the source of Kratos’ rage like his first wife was.

Why did Faye die God of War?

The reason Faye dies in God of War 2018 is still a mystery. But there are so many theories circulating online.

Theory – 1: Ragnarok Already Happened

According to Kaptain Kuba’s YouTube hypothesis, Faye journeyed to the future and fought in Ragnarok. That is why, when Kratos and Atreus arrive in Jotunheim, all of the giants are dead since Ragnarok has already occurred.

She returned injured and died a short time afterward. Atreus’ statement that his mother used to disappear for weeks at a time before she died lends credence to this notion. Because time moves faster in Jotunheim than in Midgard, she must have thought it was only a matter of days or maybe hours.

Theory – 2: Temporal Giant’s Death

“She’s arguing with giants”. The moment it comments on doesn’t exactly imply arguing, thus Atreus’s stating it was probably included to signal that there was no disagreement at all – that whatever Faye intended, the giants weren’t completely pleased with it.

I believe she had a plan that required all of their (perhaps temporary) deaths, and they didn’t like it. The giants, on the other hand, are quite likely to return in some form because they can see the future and nevertheless go along with whatever plan was ultimately decided.

I didn’t even think of the picture of their arguing. I completely believe they are dissatisfied with her plan since it includes their death, however briefly. Even more so since they would have had to consent and go along with it at some point, and their motivation would have been pure desperation and a lack of other choices.

How did the giants die in the God of War?

How did the giants die in the God of War

At the game, Kratos and Atreus arrive in Jotunheim to discover all of the giants are dead, their bodies littering the landscape. But how did they perish?

Here’s a theory about how the giants die in God of War 2018, as the game did not explain how the giants are dead.

Odin, I believe, used his understanding of Aesir/Vanir magic to create a magical sickness/curse that would kill the giants. This is also the real nature of the disease that afflicts Atreus throughout the game and is what killed Faye before the game started. Here’s how the illness falls within the timeframe of the story:

Odin learns about Vanir’s magic through his marriage to Freya. Then he conjures up a magical sickness/ curse and unleashes it on Midgard in order to infect the giants. This is part of his strategy to avert Ragnarok and fight the giants when the world ends.

The giants retreat to Jotunheim and, with Tyr’s assistance, lock it away, but Faye remains behind. Odin has the final laugh as the sickness/ curse kills the giants in Jotunheim after they create those statues to commemorate what happened to them.

Faye meets Kratos, and together they have Atreus. Atreus is showing signs of the illness. Faye succumbs to the illness before the game begins.

Furthermore, I believe this is the TRUE illness that afflicts Atreus. It’s not the sickness of “not knowing his true nature” because he doesn’t know he’s a giant either. I believe he was cured and is still alive because of Freya’s Vanir power and the fact that he is only half-giant.

But, if that’s the case, why does Faye die so much later than the giants? I believe that because time moves quicker in Jotunheim, as seen by Fimbulwinter’s arrival, the disease spreads faster, killing the giants first. Faye dies considerably later since she stays in Midgard.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are all the giants dead in the God of War?

Yes. After the last cinematic of the God of War 2018, you can see all the giants are dead.

What is the real name of Atreus’s Mother?

Faye’s true name was Laufey, and she was recognized as a great gigantic heroine, known as Laufey the Just, for her acts in assisting the poor and needy, according to Mimir.


Faye has been mentioned as an extremely strong character as a legendary Giant fighter, powerful enough to attract the attention of Thor, the second most powerful of the Aesir gods, and Kratos, former God of War from another world. Her mix of strength, martial ability, and cunning would make her a formidable enemy.