Most Played PC Games in the USA

In America, there are cult games that have become popular in other countries. We will talk about these games today. If you like extreme entertainment – we suggest you try

Video Games

Guitar hero

One of the cult games across the ocean. Teenagers and even adults get together and have fun thanks to such a simple but very interesting toy. The electric guitar simulator itself helps players to better feel the rhythm and develop fine motor skills. On this, according to experts from all over the world, the pluses end. It just so happened, and on the one hand it’s not bad that we love real musical instruments more. And this little guitar isn’t going to help you learn how to play a bar or a couple of thug chords. Something like this is said by those who did not pick up a classical or acoustic guitar.

For Americans, this game has become a cult and is a great way to kill time and have fun. In addition, if you brought your girlfriend to the house for the first time, you can invite her to play it. Only in our country the attitude towards it is completely different. It’s a pity, because the product is really worth it.


Cartoon graphics, some buildings, and a lot of hardcore players per square meter. Not everyone likes this game, however, putting aside prejudices, we can say that in many countries this game is not in huge demand. Compared to the same America.

The secret is simple, many players like harder and bloodier games. Or at least a little more serious. Take Apex Legends for example. The ostentatious positive emanating from this game causes real indignation. But in the US, the positive sells much better. Therefore, the game there is considered an unconditional masterpiece and has a very high rating. Millions of players, especially teenagers, are madly in love with her. But with us, you can only see a sideways glance if you tell them about your love for Fornite. Although the game is unique and interesting in its own way. Moreover, relatively recently a large-scale world championship was held on it.


Cult Japanese games have long hooked older generations. We were thrilled to play on the same Game Boy Advance SP as a pink cartoon creature. In America, this game has become a real cult, which is played by people of all ages. Although the game itself is intended for children from 2 to 8 years old.

For our teenagers, such a kind and in its own way fascinating game did not go from the word at all. Someone considers it the last century, and someone offers to play a couple of pubs in DotA. And in their own way, they may be right in this situation. That’s just from this game does not cease to be a masterpiece and a cult product across the ocean. And here, alas, you can get a couple of kilograms of disapproval for such an interest in the game.

Super mario

It’s not for me to tell you how much two plumbers are adored in America. Tattoos are made with them, children are told bedtime stories about their adventures and interesting reviews are made. There are even entire books based on the game. And everyone plays it, from young to old.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Now, thanks to Kuplinov and other let’s players, the game has gained popularity in many countries. But at first, when it just reached our torrents, users, to put it mildly, did not appreciate it. There was practically no gameplay in it, no dynamics. So interest in this project quickly faded.

If not for American streamers and gamers, we might not have heard of this game at all. Her fans frantically demand the continuation of such a terrible and terrible game, and the owner is bathed in the rays of glory and dollar bills. In Europe, many players are genuinely perplexed by the hype raised by this masterpiece. It’s a pity, because in a couple of minutes of gameplay you will have to flinch more than once. An excellent game, which in some European countries the majority did not appreciate.


Hand on heart, I will say that this game is a real work of art. In the US, its rating is head and shoulders above all other projects. The same Microsoft initially kicked out of this game, and then paid a hefty amount to become its sole owner. She is adored, with the help of her amazing things are created. They even teach there. But not everyone likes her. This is because our YouTube segment is littered with videos from the perspective of children from 7 to 15 years old. Only now the color of these videos is extremely negative. Watching young guys swear worse than my ensign in the army, because of a diamond pickaxe or territory, is terrible. Therefore, in some countries, the project, although popular, is despised. But how many opportunities it has.

Pokémon Go

In the dashing nineties, we ran to the TV so as not to miss the next series about these creatures. True, not everyone was allowed to watch their adventures. It’s all to blame, as I was personally told, frame 25. And if you look at the situation as a whole – the influence of our TV people. News of horrific cartoon-related suicides reached parental ears faster than anyone could imagine.

We do not know who came up with the idea that this particular cartoon and all games related to Pokemon are only harmful. In fact, this project gave children the opportunity to walk and entertain themselves at the same time. The game from Niantic Labs exploded the gaming market in America. And in Europe it caused only a storm of indignation. Constantly running children with smartphones, eager to get the missing Pokémon in their collection, received only scolding from adults.