The Cycle: Frontier: Beginner’s Guide – Survival Tips

the cycle

The Cycle: Frontier game is a uniquely immersive sci-fi adventure shooter.

Players join the competition on Fortuna III, a distant planetary outpost, to challenge other players, overcome harsh environments, and carry out tasks while pursuing their ultimate goal: to get off the planet alive.

Set in a beautifully rendered open world with procedurally generated landscapes and customizable avatars, The Cycle immerses gamers into an exploration-driven experience like no other. Friendly (or not-so-friendly) encounters add to the excitement when traversing the Frontier.

Also featuring dynamic weather conditions, challenging missions, and specialized loot drops that shift gameplay and provide increased rewards for brave adventurers– The Cycle redefines what it means to explore the unknown!

Tips For Beginners To Play The Cycle: Frontier

With its unique setting and mechanics, the Cycle: Frontier can be intimidating for new players.

Here are seven tips to help you get the hang of the game and improve your performance.

Learn the Map

Learning the map of the game is a must to progress. The game presents its players with an exciting journey of unknowns and hazards. Use your wits and street smarts to explore each area and path.

Get familiarized with which buildings are better for hiding, where the best resources spawn, or what obstacles can help you charge up your super ability. Mastering the map will help you survive in the world of Cycle Frontier while getting one step closer to success!

Find Your Weapon of Choice

Researching individual weapons that best fit your playing style is vital. Knowing which has the most damage and which has a quicker reload time may give you the edge you need to win against other players online.

Exploring different weapon classes within the game can help determine what you’re best at, whether it’s something with a faster fire rate or a high-powered sniper rifle.

Know and Upgrade Your Gear

When starting a mission, ensure you have the right gear before leaving the drop ship.

You can customize your character with different weapons and armor to have the best chance of success.

Feel free to upgrade your gear as soon as possible! Upgrading your weapons can give you an advantage in combat, while upgrading your armor can make it easier for you to survive longer under challenging missions.

Don’t forget—the more upgrades you have on your gear, the better off you’ll be!

Join a Squad

Joining a squad increases chances of success as you can team up with like-minded individuals who are just as enthusiastic about the game as you are.

You can combine your strategies to beat enemies quicker, share stories of past successes, and help each other tackle challenging objectives.

So if you’re ready to take gaming to a new level, step into the world of Cycle Frontier and join a squad today!

Use Your Special Abilities 

Each character has unique abilities that they can use in battle. Make sure you know how those abilities work and when they’re best used so that you can maximize their effectiveness during gameplay.

Remember your teammates’ abilities, too; having a well-coordinated team can make all the difference in battle!

Utilize Cover

Playing a shooter game with no cover can be a harrowing experience. Cover can often mean the difference between life and respawn in shooter games, so understanding where the available cover is on the map is essential.

The cover you stay behind can also help conceal you from your opponents, giving you an increased chance of winning. When selecting a cover, it’s essential to avoid options that are too obvious or easily breached by long-range attacks.

Instead, look for areas that provide protection and an opportunity to scope out your enemies without them noticing you first.

Explore Your Surroundings

Before playing a shooter game, it’s essential to explore the environment. Attention to detail can give you an advantage when choosing hiding spots or planning attacks.

Look for items that may come in handy, like guns, health kits, and first aid boxes around the area. Keeping track of exits is also crucial because it might help to escape if the fight doesn’t go as planned.

Overall, any information gathered from simply running an eye over the map can significantly help achieve victory.



Although The Cycle isn’t easy by any means (especially with all those other players vying for first place!)

These seven tips should help give any player an edge over their competitors and help them become victorious. Also, we would love to recommend Battlelog for the hacks and cheats of the game.