Who Has The Biggest Potential To Win ESL PRO League Season 18?

The ESL (short for Electronic Sports League) Pro League is considered one of the major professional leagues in the world. It has been in play for 17 seasons, providing top-tier entertainment to gamers and viewers alike. And with the 18th season around the corner, the excitement is above the ceiling.

Many viewers who are also punters cannot wait for the season to begin so they can bet on CSGO matches on the go. But for others, it is simply the beautiful and strategic playstyle that makes the game so enjoyable. However, whatever the reason may be for the viewers, the players all have the same unchangeable goal – to go down in history as this season’s winners.

The question now is what teams have the highest chances of winning the championship title of the season? Read on to find out those with the best prospects.

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Team Vitality, recently, has been a fast-rising force to reckon with in the ESL PRO League and this does not seem to change in the 18th Season. With the leadership of Matthieu Herbaut, otherwise known as ZywOo, the team prides itself on its talented roster of players. Also, ZywOo’s tactics in implementing ever-changing gameplay make Vitality a team to look out for.

Moreover, beyond ZywOo’s expertise as a leader or as a contender for the world’s best player title, he is lucky to have great players like Spinx and Magisk on his team. A perfect synergy between these players will surely give the team an added advantage in the coming season.


Since forever, Astralis has been a predominant force in the game and this can only be attributed to their consistency in proving their worth. Their strategic brilliance is also another trait that makes them stand out. As a result, it is only fitting that they are not exempted from the race as the Season 18 ESL winner.

Now, while this team may have experienced inevitable setbacks in recent years, they have bounced back gracefully, especially with the return of Device, their star player. In addition, they have signed on other talented gamers like BlameF, which further betters their prospects. Thus, with the combined expertise of Device, the tactical prowess of Gla1ve, and the input of the other players, Astralis is a team with an edge.

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Another team that should not be written off is Team MOUZ, made up of great stars like Frozen and Torzsi. Years ago, this team had no problem propelling themselves into public glory. However, for a while things changed and MOUZ lost their prowess but that is beginning to change as the season approaches.

If things continue as they are under the leadership of Karrigan, then MOUZ may have a shot at shooting for the stars. But they have so much work to do regarding teamwork and adaptability for this to happen.

FaZe Clan

The FaZe clan remains unfazed even during challenges and this is sure to continue in season 18 of the league. This resilient attribute is possibly due to the presence of veteran gamers such as NiKo and Rain. These two have enough experience to account for any lapse that the team may encounter as the season progresses.

Furthermore, the clan consists of a perfect mix of worldwide talent, incorporating various stars from different regions of the world. This diversity thus allows for each player to bring a unique skill to the table, which helps them pull off high-impact plays. And this was seen in their championship win in the ESL Pro League Season 17.

Natus Vincere

The Na’Vi team, which is short for Natus Vincere, boasts one of the best players (if not the best) in the world of CS:GO. This is in the person of Oleksandr Kostyliev popularly called S1mple and many would agree that he is the backbone of the team.

But he doesn’t do it alone. He has the likes of Electronic and Flamie giving him the support he needs to launch the team into victory. Their improved cooperation and coordination provide them with enough form and firepower to challenge any team in this season.


A perfect representation of the Brazilian influence in the ESL league is team FURIA, known for their unshakeable and unpredictable gameplay. By being consistent with this, they have created a name for themselves on the international front. And with season 18 fast approaching, FURIA has the potential to shake things up.

Furthermore, they have a diversified approach to the game by packing popular talents like KSCERATO, arT, and Yuurih. And with arT’s unconventional approach of calling the shots, the competition in the league may not see this fast-rising team coming. But this may not be the case unless they find the perfect balance between discipline and aggression which would boost their chances astronomically.


Season 18 of the ESL PRO League holds so much promise, especially with the number of top teams contending for victory. And one thing is sure, the end may be unpredictable but it is sure to provide top-notch entertainment all the way with a showcase of skill, strategy, and determination. But whatever the case may be, sit tight, relax, and enjoy!