Elden Ring Enemies & Bosses are not dropping loot

Trying to locate enough items or equipment to make fighting or world navigation simpler is one of the most difficult features of Elden Ring. As a result, you’ll need the greatest weaponry and armor to withstand the onslaught of foes.

However, it is possible that you are farming for particular goods but only receive them after many attempts.

However, in true FromSoftware form, attempting to make the game simpler is challenging. You might spend hours searching for a specific item to build something you need or a piece of armor to complete their set.

Assume you’re attempting to get a rare drop from Enemies, but it takes a long time since it drops seldom. This is because your Discovery Stat is low. With a higher Discovery Stat, you will be able to get rarer things more quickly.

This time-consuming searching has prompted users to wonder whether there is an in-game technique that might speed up item finding.

Why are Elden Ring Enemies not dropping any loot or a few loots?

How to solve Elden Ring Enemies & Bosses are not dropping loot

I believe the drop likelihood is just absurdly low. In previous Souls games, opponents were often in groups of the same kind, thus you could kill 6 knights in a row, but now you have a reduced drop rate and fewer foes at a time.

They will most likely need to tweak the drop rate since, as it is, it is more effective to make a new character after finding a nice weapon because it would take days of relentless farming to get it to +3 at the moment.

How To Increase Item Drop Rate In Elden Ring

The Discovery Stat in Elden Ring is a characteristic that determines the pace at which items drop. The higher this stat, the more uncommon goods you’ll get. You cannot directly invest points in it, but there are methods to increase it.

For one thing, the Discovery stat is a one-to-one match with your Arcane stat. If your Arcane is at 99, you may raise your Discovery to 199. This is an ideal circumstance, but that is not the case with Arcane setups since they depend on Arcane.

If you are unable to invest in Arcane, do not despair; there are other methods to enhance your Item Drop Rate in Elden Ring.

Fortunately, there are two items in Elden Ring that increase the drop rate of things, making it much simpler for you to locate what you’re seeking.

The first item is the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot, which is a consumable that boosts item discovery by 50 for three minutes. You may eat and then go out looking for whatever item or piece of equipment you’re looking for.

The Silver Scarab, a Talisman that you may wear, is the second item.

The Silver Scarab is significantly more effective than the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot in terms of item finding, increasing it by 75 points. It may also be worn and removed at will. This implies that every time you wish to harvest foes, you just need to equip the Talisman. When you’re through farming, you may remove it.

You must go all the way to Grand Lift of Rold in the Forbidden Lands to discover the Silver Scarab. To go to the Consecrated Snowfields, you must first find the Hidden Path to the Haligtree at the Site of Grace.

How To Increase Item Drop Rate In Elden Ring

The Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot, on the other hand, maybe purchased as well as crafted. Of course, being able to construct the item is a more efficient method of gaining it. Killing Gostoc in Stormveil Castle is a fast and simple method to get the item in quantity.

This is the NPC that emerges after Margit and allows you to choose between opening the gate and following the back-alley way into the castle.

If you opt to kill Gostoc and plunder their corpse, the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold will sell you the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot.

To make the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot, you must first get the Missionary’s Cookbook (3). This cookbook may be found in the Smoldering Church in northeast Caelid/northwest Limgrave.

When you enter Caelid from Limgrave, it’s to the southeast of the Minor Erdtree.

You can locate the cookbook laying on a corpse at the Smoldering Church, which you may plunder to add the Missionary’s Cookbook (3) to your collection.

Now that you have the cookbook, you can go into your Crafting Menu and discover the recipe for the Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot. The following ingredients are needed to make one Silver-Pickled Prowl Foot:

3 Rowa Fruit 1 Silver Firefly 4 Toed Fowl Foot

These items aren’t too tough to get, however, the Four-Toed Fowl Foot may cause some difficulty. You must kill and loot Eagles or Guillemots to get this foot item.

Eagles may be found all over the globe, although Guillemots, which resemble penguins, are usually found in West Limgrave or at the Church of Dragon Communion.

If you want to loot Four-Toed Prowl Foots, it’s best to farm Guillemots, since they have a 25% chance of dropping the item.

With all of the other ingredients, you may make Silver-Pickled Prowl Foots and eat them. To take full use of the enhanced drop rate, you must kill as many foes as can within the three-minute interval the item is active.


This was all about how to solve Elden Ring Enemies & Bosses are not dropping loot and increasing your Item Drop Rate in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this article has helped you to solve your problems. If it does let your friends know too & enjoy the game.

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