How Much Data Does Gaming on a Hotspot Use?

In order to connect other devices to the internet, your mobile hotspot uses the data plan. Playing a game online will use data. The Good news is that it won’t dent your monthly data plan.

The use of hotspot data is directly related to the activities. In general, a hotspot uses anywhere from 60MB Per hour to 810MB depending on the activity. The average data usage values don’t change your gaming on mobile hotspot data. 

Many online games do not take much data to play the game. They do take a lot of data to download. When you buy your game online and need to download it, it’ll take a big bite from your internet bandwidth. This is determined by both the device or gaming console and the game.

Average Data Usage for Popular Online Games:

How much data does gaming on a hotspot use

When you are using a mobile hotspot, it is important to understand how long that data will last you.

Chart of the data usage per hour for the most popular online games:

Game TitleData Usage Per Hour (MB)
Dota 2120 MB
Fortnite100 MB
Overwatch135 MB
World of Warcraft40 MB
Destiny 2300 MB
Call of Duty: World War II40 MB
Minecraft40-200 MB
League of Legend45 MB
Battlefield V100 MB
Black Desert Online60 MB
Guild Wars 250

As you can see, even the data-hungry cloud games don’t use up as much data as you think. It’s important to note that these are the best average estimates regarding cloud gaming data usage. The actual numbers can vary a lot. Depending on a large number of factors. This is especially true with multiplayer games. And that supports a large number of users.

How To Reduce Bandwidth Usage While Gaming:

Average Data Usage for Popular Online Games

Gaming data usage depends on many factors. You can’t control it. There are also some factors such as the size of the server population. And the complexity of the data. Finally, depending on the number of people talking, spend 50+ megabytes per hour. Close programs or apps you don’t need while gaming. And limit your internet use.

The accurate amount of data will vary depending on the game. But playing a game cloud uses less data than many other common activities that you do in your daily life. So you can’t get as many hours of gaming. Out of your data plan. So it’s not a vast amount of data comparatively. Keep in mind that the 350MB per hour figure is on the heavier end of the scale. Even most of the games won’t come close to using this much.

A Good Data Plan:

If you’re gaming on your phone, you’ll need a great cellular data plan. When you use data every day, you’ll need enough data on your plan. Unlimited data plans allow you to use data in a month as you want. 

With a 20GB hotspot, one will still use between 40MB to 100MB per hour for most online games. Hence, gamers can expect to have the best gaming experience for 100 to 150 hours. Through 30GB of data, you can easily browse the internet for a maximum of 240 hours per month.

Cloud Gaming Use Vs Streaming:

How To Reduce Bandwidth Usage While Gaming

When gaming itself uses very little data when you are playing. Somewhere between 20-100MB/hr in most cases. Streaming, on the other hand,  you can chew through loads of data. All the way up to about 8GB at 4K resolution.

That is pretty typical. Some games will be a bit higher. And some games will be a bit lower. Expect something between 40MB and 150MB. In contrast, streaming Netflix in HD uses up to 3GB per hour. 

While the heaviest online game won’t take up more than 300MB per hour, streaming can take up to an entire 7GB per hour! For example, Netflix 4K can use up to 8GB per hour, while Netflix HD uses about 4GB per hour. 

Playing Cloud Games Uses Very Little Data:

Online gaming is definitely bigger than ever. But there’s nothing special about this. Many other online services are experiencing record-high usage. How much data do online games use? The total amount depends on the playing game. 

Online gaming is one of the least data-intensive things. You can do it online. No one’s calling for businesses. People shouldn’t single out gamers for playing online games. Anyone who is targeting online gaming doesn’t understand the number.

Gaming Download Eat up Your Data:

In contrast to playing a game, the actual process of installing a game, downloading it and patching it, and installing extra content. Some game files can reach 100GB or more in size, though this is hardly the norm. 

Fortunately, nearly all data plans these days come with unlimited data so you shouldn’t have to worry about how much data you’re consuming in your daily gaming life.


That’s true if you’re just playing a game rather than downloading. There is a  good chance you’re using less bandwidth. After reading this post, you would have gotten information about how much data an online gaming activity can use in an hour or day. Now you are in the phase to select it by focusing on your gaming habits. And other requirements. Happy gaming!