Can you fly in the Elden Ring? [Elden Ring Flying Tips]

If you want to soar above the clouds of the Elden Ring, we’ve got exactly the trick for you. This new Elden Ring vulnerability allows players to fly using only their horse.

It’s always been possible to skip regions like Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring using authorized techniques. However, you may now bypass any region of the map that you don’t want to deal with.

If one of your main complaints about the Elden Ring is how sluggish it is to move about the map, we have a solution for you. A new flaw will allow Tarnished to fly throughout the perilous realm of Elden Ring on their faithful horse.

After all, your horse Torrent can only run so quickly and cannot appear in every part of the Lands Between. This is where the new Elden Ring flying glitch comes into play.

To gain a flying horse in the Elden Ring, you must proceed to one of two areas where you may ride upward when the death plane is immediately beneath.

Can you fly in the Elden Ring

The first is the Bestial Sanctum’s northwest ledge, while the second is a ledge right outside Volcano Manor. Once there, you must follow the steps below to trigger the Torrent a Flying Horse:

  1. Ride off the edge of the cliff slowly.
  2. Before going entirely over the ledge, twist around so Torrent is now looking upwards and is riding up the edge of the cliff. Because of the viewpoint, he appears to be sprinting on the spot.
  3. Press L3/ Dismount Key repeatedly to get from the horse right before going down the precipice. Torrent will continue to descend towards the death plane, but you will not.
  4. Find a secure place on the ledge called Torrent. This will result in a Flask of Crimson Tear’s animation, but Torrent will not spawn.
  5. Call up Torrent once more. This time, he will spawn and you can soar across the air.

Alternatively, you can try this method which requires a little bit more time:

  1. First, go to a high point on the map and summon Torrent.
  2. Then, as soon as you dismount your horse, you must exit and save the game as quickly as possible.
  3. If you followed the first steps correctly, the Torrent should be standing by itself close when you load it back in. If your horse isn’t there, it’s because you didn’t quit the game quickly enough.
  4. Then, go to any corner of the map where you may leap off and plummet to your death.
  5. Move forward slowly until you’re right on the last pixels of the ledge.
  6. As soon as you start falling, you must leave the game quickly.
  7. When you load back in, Torrent should be gone and you should be back on the edge.
  8. Nothing will happen if you try to call Torrent for a Crimson Tear Flask.
  9. However, if you summon your trusted mount again, Torrent will not only be summoned, but you can also fly using the Torrent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there any feature where you can fly legitimately in the Elden Ring?

The answer to your query is No. There is no official game feature where you can fly in the Elden Ring. This advantage was not given in the Elden Ring intentionally. But you can fly using the bug/ game exploit.

Will this Flying in the Elden Ring ever be removed?

As you already know that this flying in the Elden Ring was not supposed to happen. It’s just a bug that players have found. The soon the devs find out that players are flying through the Skies of the Elden Ring they’re gonna take this bug down.

In Elden ring, how do you dismount from a horse named Torrent?

Dismounting Torrent in Elden Ring is hardly any stressful work. You can dismount the horse by using the Spectral Steed Whistle once again. If you want to get right into the action, press the L3 button (analog in) while moving.


You can now ride your faithful steed through the Lands Between. Simply ride Torrent to any place of elevation for a boost to get higher.

To get down, you must first identify a location where Torrent can still reach the ground, then dismount. Simply save and reload to return to where you started using this method.

The bug is esoteric enough that it appears to be only now been discovered, but there’s still a strong possibility that FromSoftware will detect and fix it.

For that reason, if you’ve ever fantasized about flying around on Torrent in Elden Ring, now’s the time to give this glitch a chance.

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