Control Game Crashes: How to Solve Them?

Control, Remedy Entertainment’s latest installment of action-detective adventure, has a multitude of puzzles, bosses, and action set-pieces that will challenge players. And put their acquired talents and weaponry to the test.

But it feels bewitching if you can’t cope with the crashes the Control offers. We all despise crashes & stuck problems

I’m here to guide you through your problems & make your Control gameplay a little more enjoyable & unrestricted.

Control black screen on startup

Control Game Crashes

How to fix Control Start-up Black Screen

The black screen of death is a typical problem with PC games, and Remedy’s Control is no different. When you start the game, the screen may go dark, but you may hear music in the background.

The solution to the Control Black Screen problem is straightforward. When the black screen displays, press “Alt + Enter,” and the game will enter Windowed mode and begin to show.

You may now play the game in full-screen mode by going to the in-game video options and changing the resolution to your display’s native resolution.

If you have a black screen but can hear music in the background, the problem might be due to outdated GPU drivers. If you update your GPU drivers, the problem should be rectified.

Control Crash on Game Start

Control may not start when you begin the game, and you may have a crash on startup. Here are the solutions and remedies for both issues.

The game does not launch because the “Visual C++ Redistributable Installation failed” error occurs at starting. Simply go to the game’s installation location and launch “Control DX11.exe.”

If the game still does not launch or crashes at startup, proceed with the procedures below.

Go to the game’s installation folder, create a new text document named “steam app-id,” open it in notepad, and write “870780.” Save and leave the notepad before launching the game using Control DX11.exe or Control DX12.exe. The game will start up normally.

The problem with the Control crashing on startup might be caused by your anti-virus or Windows Defender recognizing the game’s exe file as a trojan infection. You may fix this by either deactivating your anti-virus/Windows Security software or omitting the game’s installation folder from it. After that, check the game files, and the problem will be resolved for good.

Another possibility for the game failing at startup is that the GPU drivers are out of date. Simply updating the GPU drivers to the most recent version should address the problem.

Control crashing on continue game

  • If you’re using Steam, go to the game library and try to check the files on the control game (basically makes steam go over every file in the game to make sure nothing is corrupt)
  • Load a previous save to discover whether the problem is with the save file or the game.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game
  • Move your save files out of the Control file directory, then run the game with the cloud save to see what occurs.
  • If you’re on Epic you should’ve start the game in Administrator Mode.

Control crashing device removed

I just purchased the game on Epic and have had a lot of crashes with identical error messages, that is, a white box appears with some form of “device gone.”

It started with the janitor in the first cutscene, usually at the same time. I got through after a reboot, but not in the first combat when you go to the communication center and it says “map: device deleted.”

“dxgi error device removed” also appeared sometimes.

The problem is related to overclocking of the GPU. The solution lies with the cause of the crash on the device removed.

To solve this error follow any of the fixes mentioned below or try more than one fix.

How to solve Control game crash on Anchor
  • It seems that disabling GPU overclocking may resolve a specific problem for certain gamers. If this method does not work for you, try lowering the GPU’s framerate cap. Check that the graphics card is not functioning at full speed while playing the game or after it has been launched. RivaTuner may be used to decrease the FPS restriction to 30/60 depending on the strength of your system.
  • Also, go to the in-game Settings menu and change some of the superfluous choices to Low or Medium instead of High or Ultra mode. This is essential for some of the graphics-intensive games.
  • Check that your RAM and GPU are in good working order for the other video games. If you notice any lag or stuttering, consider boosting your PC’s Virtual Memory.
  • Make sure to disconnect and re-insert the CPU, GPU, and RAM into their respective slots. If there is any moisture or dirt, attempt to clean it up carefully and neatly.
  • You may also look for game updates and Steam client updates.
  • Though most Windows 10 users maintain their systems up to date with each new version, ensure sure there are no outstanding Windows updates.
  • Disable MSAA, set DLSS to 720P, set High Settings for other modes, disable vertical sync (in-game), set Raytracing to High, and set FPS Limit to 30 @ 1080P. In order to play a decent title, you may have to alter the resolution and frame drops rather than delays or crashes.
  • Disable overlay programs, which are one of the most often reported conflicts for PC games. GeForce Experience Overlay, Steam Overlay, Xbox Game Bar, Discord Overlay, and more are examples.

How to solve Control game crash on Anchor

The Anchor in Control could well be found in the Sealed Threshold Hall area of the Containment Sector after finishing the quest “Investigate the Saferoom.” You will come upon a vast abyss when inspecting the saferoom in question, with an eerie glow visible on the other side.

To cross the gap, you must float or leap into the air and perform many mid-air sprints in rapid succession. There’s a convenient yellow box near the chasm in the left-hand corner that, when leaped off of, makes this acrobatic feat relatively straightforward. The Anchor will appear immediately after you cross the abyss.

The Anchor is a spinning mass of changing forms that spews clocks from itself. This weird visual should be recognizable to you at this stage in the game’s supernatural setting. The Anchor resembles the perilous shifting masses that initially emerge early in Control, during the Astral Plane Challenge to get the Hotline.

But the problem occurs here while fighting with The Anchor you may face sudden crash issues. These crash issues occur due to It’s not a compatibility problem or anything like that. What is occurring is that it is rendering a large number of clocks. All of those polygons need computation. The DLSS is attempting to compute all of them instantaneously.

Because it occurs too quickly in real-time, the game crashes and stops.

You should be alright if you reduce the render resolution from the Graphics Setting of Control to the lowest setting. After beating Anchor you can revert to your original Graphics Setting.

The Anchor will slowly revolve around, sometimes opening up to expose a big crimson ball on one side. Each stage has a handy item that may be fired into the red orb to cause significant damage to the Anchor.

However, you must exercise caution since the Anchor may periodically release a lethal blast if not halted by a launched item or rounds from your Service Weapon.

Smaller adversaries will join the arena and fly at you, adding another element of complexity. They are, however, quite simple to evade if you keep moving between levels and throw a few clocks or bullets at them.

You can also try any of these fixes to solve your Crash problem during the fight with The Anchor in Control Game.

Fix- 1: Easy Fix

  • In the Game settings, disable everything, including the Sounds.
  • Look up when The Anchor sets off the clocks.
  • Skip the combat by using the ‘One-hit Kill’ option in the Gameplay settings. Simply blast your Service Weapon when the Anchor opens and you see its red core.

Fix – 2: Turning off Control Flow Guard

  • Launch the Windows Search bar.
  • Look for and launch ‘Exploit Protection.’
  • Navigate to the ‘Program Settings Tab.’
  • Select ‘+ Add programs to customize’.
  • Go to your ‘Control DX12.exe’ file.
  • Open its Program Options.
  • Look for the ‘Control Flow Guard’ section.
  • Check on the ‘Override System Settings’ option.
  • Turn ‘Override System Settings’ off, then click ‘Apply.’

Fix- 3: Compatibility Mode

  • Compatibility mode for Windows Vista 2
  • Turn off full-screen optimizations.
  • Run the Game as an Administrator with a windowed resolution of 800×600.
  • Every graphics setting is set to low, and all boxes in the graphics settings are unchecked.
  • All sound is turned off.
  • Turned on one-hit kill.


Hope this article has helped you to solve your problem & to prosper in Control Game. If this article helped you feel free to share this with your friend who is in need of this dire solution.

Have fun playing the Fantastic world of the OLDEST HOUSE.