Melina not Appearing Elden Ring What Should I Do?

Melina is a non-player character in Elden Ring. And you may already know that Elden Ring is in the Dark Souls Universe. Throughout the game’s narrative, Melina serves as a guide. She is a mysterious young lady that Tarnished first encountered at the start of his journey. Melina appears in a black robe and approaches players who are resting at various Sites of Grace. She provides direction throughout the game’s overall structure.

Melina will manifest herself and reflect on the lack of guidance during your journey thus far after discovering three Sites of Grace on land. And without Melina’s manifest, you can’t meet Renna at the beginning of the Game.

However, you may notice that Melina does not appear or does not appear during your games. To solve this issue, simply REST on a Grace Site. That will cause Melina to appear in a cut scene.

She arises out of thin air, surrounded by a blueish glow, and appears to be made of spirit or even the elegance of the Erdtree itself. Melina suggests an agreement: she will act as a Maiden, or guide, throughout your voyage, as you are “Maidenless.” In exchange, she requests that you accompany her “at the foot of the Erdtree.” She offers to convert your Runes into strength, thereby Leveling Up your character.


During your second encounter, Melina explains that the golden auras at the various Sites of Grace are actually the Erdtree’s grace. And by doing so, you will be guided by grace through your burden: “Upon the cliff, in Castle Stormveil, is a shard bearer. {…..} If the rays of grace signal the castle, then the Elden Ring beckons you”.

You can talk to Melina every now and then when you reach particular Sites of Grace, and she will offer guidance, but she may also participate in your quest by teleporting you to inaccessible areas.

Melina is not at the Forge of Giants

I just defeated the Fire Giant and was expecting the Melina cutscene at the Forge of the Giants, but she didn’t show up. To be clear, my game did not crash, and I obtained all of the runes required to fight the Fire Giant, but I am no longer transferred to Crumbling Farum Azula. I restarted the game, but nothing changed. I’m unable to continue with the plot at this time.

To resolve this problem you have to head to the Top and find the Grace Site. Rest at the Site of Grace & Select the Option Talk with Melina. This option will trigger Melina to appear in the Forge of Giants.

How to get to Forge of Giants Elden Ring

How to get to Forge of Giants Elden Ring

There is more map to explore after beating the tale boss’s Fire Giant at the Mountaintops of the Giants in Elden Ring.

You can travel to a part that opens up northwest of the arena. It’s known as the Forge of the Giants. You’ll find a Site of Grace here, where you can speak with Melina. She’ll ask if you’re willing to commit a major sin.

Saying “I’m ready” will advance you to the next stage of the game. Saying no will not keep you from doing anything. You are free to ask her to wait. However, in order for the campaign to move forward, you must agree. If you indicate you’re ready, you’ll be transferred to a place you would have seen if you teleported there from The Four Belfries.

Before you commit this cardinal sin, you should examine the spoils of your last battle with the Fire Giant. His Remembrance wields a powerful whip that excels against adversaries who are vulnerable to Strike and Fire damage.

After clicking “I’m ready,” you’ll be taken through a location that is completely isolated from the rest of the Lands. If you come here, be prepared to face adversaries who are even harder than those you encountered in Leyndell or the Mountaintops of the Giants. To be more precise one of the game’s harder bosses is located here, so bring your best abilities.

Elden Ring point of no return

Elden Ring point of no return

After slaying the Fire Giant, you’ll be able to reach the Forge of Giants in Elden Ring. You can rest at the Site of Grace and speak with Melina after you arrive. She will inquire if you are prepared to travel to the Forge of Giants.

This will result in a cinematic in which Melina burns herself in the Forge of the Giants. She will become the Kindling that ignites the Erdtree.

However, this is only the first step. After the movie, you’ll be in Crumbling Farum Azula, a completely different zone encircled by vortices and a gigantic tornado.

Please keep in mind that there is an alternate scenario in which your character will be the kindling instead. This needs you to find the Flame of Frenzy and the Three Fingers.

In Elden Ring, this is essentially the first “soft” point of no return. You can visit Roundtable Hold while the Erdtree is burning. You’ll see that some NPCs have either left or are dying there. Meanwhile, D’s body can be found in a room past the hallway where Blacksmith Hewn is. You’ll be able to obtain the Twinned Armor Set and D’s Bell Bearing.

You can see Sorcerer Rogier on his final legs if you go to the balcony. Later, after some progression or fast travel, Rogier would be dead by the time you arrived, however, he drops his Bell Bearing and Spellblade Armor Set.

After you defeat Crumbling Farum Azula, you will reach the second point of no return.

Anyway, let’s pretend you’ve progressed further in Crumbling Farum Azula. There, you can face off against bosses like Dragonlord Placidusax and Maliketh the Black Blade. The Rune of Death will be activated once you beat Maliketh. In Elden Ring, this is another point of no return.

After the film, you’ll arrive at Leyndell Ashen Capital. It is no longer the Royal Capital because it has been partially destroyed by rubble and rubbish. Because the configuration of this domain has altered, several sites, including the main highway and the Roundtable building, will be unavailable. If you’ve previously labeled the Underground Roadside Site of Grace, you can still explore the Subtereannean Shunning-Grounds and Leyndell Catacombs to confront Mohg the Omen.

There are minor alterations in Roundtable Hold, such as Enia looking deader than ever (though you can still exchange Remembrances) and Hewn not knowing why the place is burning. Don’t worry, all standard vendor features are still available.


Melina in Elden Ring is a key Character for progressing throughout the Main quest of the Game. So, if you can’t manifest Melina you can’t progress in the Game along with Ranni Problem will occur. So, make sure you enjoy the game and concur with it.

To play Elden Ring you may consider Keyboard Mouse combination or Controller. Check our detailed guide for your convenience.