The Best Armor in God of War Mid Game

When the God of War sequel/reboot was launched, it astonished almost everyone. Instead of a straightforward hack and slash title, this latest edition has extensive exploration and RPG aspects.

The combat, which is simple to learn yet tough to master, has a lot of depth that isn’t immediately apparent on the surface.

The game’s range of builds and customization was a favorite among gamers. Kratos may now equip distinct armor parts, each with its own set of stats and special bonuses. Some of these sets are difficult to achieve, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

Here are some of the greatest armor sets for the game that will make your gaming more enjoyable. Also here’s the best armor in God of War mid-game.

5 Best Armor in God of War Mid Game

The best armor in God of War mid-game

5. Traveler Armor Set

Traveler Armor Set is by far the best armor in God of War mid-game. Traveler armor will get you through the majority of the game until you can obtain one of the Ivaldi sets. It’s not even difficult to achieve; once you’ve unlocked the remainder of the lake of the nine, you’ll have access to most of the traveler bouts.

Unlocking the Traveler Armor set provides you not just a nice bonus, but also the ‘Path of the Zealot’ trophy. To make it, you’ll need to kill a few Travellers to get Armor Shards and Grisly Trophy goods. Once you’ve obtained the entire set, you’ll gain a significant boost to your Strength, Defense, and Vitality, as well as a few additional Enchantment slots.

Except for the Protection of the Traveler bonus, this is very ordinary stuff. This lets you tank a single attack without taking any damage, which might come in handy during boss fights and other challenging encounters. It’s especially handy in the Muspelheim challenge, when you can’t be attacked, leaving you only one chance to make a mistake.

4. Ivaldi’s Armor Set of Deadly Mist

Ivaldi’s Armor Set of Deadly Mist is without a doubt the greatest armor set in the original basic game. Frustration may set in since you must gather Mist Echoes from Niflheim. However, there is a reason why the game reserves the best for last.

The Regenerating Essence perk gives a tiny amount of health restoration to all Deadly Mist armor components. You’ll want to wear each piece because this benefit may be stacked up to 5 times. To make it, you’ll need Mist Echoes, Niflheim Alloy, and Ivaldi’s Rusted Armor, in addition to Mist Echoes. Get out there and farm!

3. Fallen Ash Set

The Fallen Ash Set is awesome, and it is without a doubt among the greatest armor in God of War 4. This is another set that requires Muspelheim materials, as the name implies. This is also the best of the lot, needing a few extra resources to unlock in return for reasonable Defense and Strength improvements.

Oh, and there’s a ludicrous perk called Retaliation of Fire that gives you the chance to inflict concussive burn damage on adjacent foes anytime you’re hit.

That’s correct, when you take damage, this generates harm, and each item you wear raises the likelihood of activation. It’s one of those setups that triggers more frequently than required, which makes it quite effective against harder adversaries and bigger swarms of smaller combatants.

2. Ares’s Armor

Ares’ armor grants up to 137 Strength, 200 Defense, 76 Luck, and 100 Cooldowns for those who aspire to be the true God of War. Those numbers should be enough to persuade gamers to play the game’s New Game Plus mode in order to get it, but where it truly shines is in its benefits.

Rage Field significantly raises the pace at which Rage is gained while simultaneously significantly decreasing the rate at which it drains. There is a trade-off, though, as players must surrender a portion of their Rage bar if they choose to wear this armor.

After defeating the dragon Hraezlyr, players can create the Armor of Ares in New Game Plus mode. Crafting and upgrading the outfit necessitates a substantial quantity of Hacksilver and Skap Slag, both of which are uncommon ingredients discovered in chests or dropped by select opponents in New Game Plus mode.

Requirements of Parts of Ares’s Armor Set:

  • Ares’ Cuirass: 24 x Skap Slag and 75,500 Hacksilver
  • Ares Gauntlets: 20 × Skap Slag & 56,600 Hacksilver
  • War Belt of Ares: 20 x Skap Slag & 56,600 Hacksilver

1. Zeus Armor Set

What is the best Mist armor in God of War New Game Plus

Without a doubt, the Zeus Armor Set is the greatest armor set in the game. It is also the most hazardous and difficult to get since you must battle all of the Valkyries in New Game Plus. The Glass Ballista bonus is what makes it such a lethal set (see what they did there).

This incredible perk significantly improves Kratos’s attacks while also increasing the damage he suffers. Atreus, son of Faye & Kratos is also being helped by this Armor.

The damage boost provided compensates for the considerable danger you’ll face while playing. It’s just a shame that you’ll most likely get this set after you’ve completed almost everything else in the game.

Upgrading the outfit demands enormous amounts of Hacksilver and Skap Slag; a rare substance that is obtained in chests or dropped by select opponents in New Game Plus mode.

  • Cuirass of Zeus: In New Game Plus mode, defeat Sigrun in Midgard.
  • Gauntlets of Zeus: In New Game Plus mode, defeat Gondul in Muspelheim.
  • War Belt of Zeus: In New Game Plus mode, defeat Hildr in Niflheim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best Mist armor in God of War New Game Plus?

The Best Mist armor in God of War NG+ is Ivaldi’s Armor set of Deadly Mist. You must go to the optional realm of Niflheim and obtain Ivaldi’s Rusted Armor from the workshop.

You’ll be able to create a set of Mist armor utilizing stuff obtained from the maze after you’ve obtained it. The materials required for armor upgrades may also be obtained in the maze.

How to get a better/ alternate Shield in God of War?

Sadly, there’s no alternate or better shield. There’s only one Shield in God of War (2018). But you can buff your shields stats. Guardian Shield skills, like all other skills in God of War, require more XP to unlock.

More XP may be earned by performing main plot objectives, labor, and discovering collectibles. Additionally, having a higher Luck stat in God of War allows you to gain more XP.

The following are some of the best Guardian Shield abilities:

  • Block Break
  • Countering Strike
  • Countering Crush
  • Countering Blast
  • Guardian Sweep
  • Guardian’s Justice
  • Guardian’s Judgement


Hopefully, this guide has assisted you in outfitting yourself with the greatest armor in God of War in order to complete a successful refresher run before God of War: Ragnarok arrives in late 2022. Share this post on your preferred social platforms to let your friends know which armor is worth pursuing. Also, visit our PC gaming section for more God of War and other gaming guides.